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February 2, 2013 | Events, INDONESIAN CUISINE, JAKARTA, Japanese & Korean Cuisine, South Jakarta

I’ve gone to several cooking classes last year, but it was hard to find affordable hands-on cooking classes. So when I heard that there would be hands-on cooking classes at Dapuraya’s food court during its “Festival Makan Enak Enak”, I’m interested and quickly signed up. There were 3 hands-on classes featuring Minang (West Sumatra) cooking, Indonesian Molecular Gastronomy, and Sushi Making Class. Each class only cost 50K, so it’s very very affordable. Without further ado, this was my experience.


Minang Cooking Class
I want to learn Indonesian cooking, since I often find traditional dishes to be quite hard especially with the use of so many kinds of spices and herbs. The class was taught by Ibu Rafnil, the person behind Rendang Andeh products. We learned to cook 2 kinds of dishes: Itiak Lado Mudo (duck cooked in green curry) and Gulai Cubadak (young jackfruit curry). The blended spices had been prepared ahead to save time, but the ingredients are detailed in the provided recipe card. We then combine the blended spices, herbs and other ingredients on the stove. Although there were some problems with the electric stove not being hot enough, in the end we managed to cook the dishes and took them home. We ended the class with a feast of Itiak Lado Mudo, Gulai Cubadak and Red Sambal cooked by Ibu Rafnil.


Indonesian Molecular Gastronomy Class
This is new for me since I only know very little about Molecular Gastronomy, but I’m curious. The class was taught by Chef Adrian Ishak or more known as Chef Bodin from Namaaz Dining. We’re going to learn how to make ikan woku tipu-tipu (dory fish wrapped inside chicken drumstick using meat glue/transglutaminase and then cooked in woku sauce), Wedang Mie (an instant version of kembang tahu) and some sort of fake caviar. We also got to eat a soft boiled egg cooked perfectly using sous vide, and finally, we had fun eating beras kencur nafas naga, created by dipping meringue into nitrogen. It was a very fun class although I’m pretty sure I’ll never going to cook any of that in my kitchen.


Sushi Making Class
Actually, I’m not a participant in this class, I just watched Chef Uki from Umaku Sushi Resto teaching the class how to make salmon maki, california roll, tobiko gunkan and salmon aburi topped with 3 kinds of tobiko, the usual one, wasabi tobiko and caviar tobiko. It was an interesting class, plus I got to taste chef Uki’s creation.


Overall I had a great experience and I do hope that Kelana Rasa Culinary Solution that organized this event will be coming up with other hands-on cooking classes in the future, and please let it be in Indonesian cuisine. Thank you 🙂

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  • V

    Meat Glue? Urrgh…

  • admin

    :)) Napa V? Pernah punya pengalaman buruk dgn meat glue?

  • arie

    what Indonesian cuisines yo wish to be features in next Kelanarasa Cooking Class?


  • admin

    @arie: Manado (Tinoransak, Woku, klappertaart), Aceh (ayam tangkap, asam udang), Bali (sate lilit). Thank you 🙂

  • arie

    might be aceh for next class 🙂

  • lens

    vote for aceh class 🙂

  • V

    Meat glue gets a bad rap recently. So a lot of ‘fake steaks’ are created using scrap meat and this meat glue to resemble whole meat.

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