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May 22, 2007 | Chinese Cuisine, Closed, JAKARTA, Noodle, North Jakarta

This place was recommended by one of this blog’s reader. From the menu, looks like they offer Singaporean hawker cuisine although there’s several choices of Malaysian, Hongkong and Indonesian cuisine, so we ordered : 1 “mie pok” (flat egg noodle topped with minced meat and black mushroom) 13K and 1 “kwetiau siram telor” 12K. My “mie pok” came with a bowl of seaweed soup (love it so much). I don’t really like the noodle since I think its a bit soggy, the “kwetiaw siram” was not bad, Overall the meal was good but most of all the price is really reasonable, I think we’ll be back to try some other delicacies like : laksa bihun Singapore & fish cake 🙂

Hao Chi Dian
Muara Karang blok O 8 T no. 42
ph. +62(21) 705- 88688

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  • venny

    Mee Pok? Ih, enak banget. Gue suka banget Mee Pok. Cerita dikit dong Jenz, gimana rasanya :D.

  • Jenz

    Lumayan enak sih Ven, cuman mie nya agak terlalu tipis & lembek kalo menurut gw, gw ga tau nih yang aslinya kaya gimana? Sama ngga sih ama bak chor mee?

  • sopjagung

    Pok? I want one mee goring wif pok! :))

  • venny

    Gue gak pernah coba bak chor mee, jadi gak bisa bandingin. Seinget gue sih emang mee pok rada garing dan licin. Bukan seperti bakmi yg rada al dente. Hadooh, jadi lafer 🙁

  • Reza

    Hmm….is there pork in the mee pok? 😀 he3x

  • lir4

    hahaha.. ternyata ada yg browsing you tube juga yah (NO POK Video) ^^
    btw jen, muara karang deket mana-nya yah? bs kasih ancer2nya ngga?
    thanks y…

  • John Hanson

    Hello Jenz,
    While surfing about Indonesia, I accidently bumped into your website, and I must say it, the pictures make me salivating. I am about to visit Medan in July, do you happen to have more eating places in Medan? I surely appreciate it if you can email them to me. Thanks.

  • Jenz

    to Reza : yes, mee pok has pork in it.
    to Lira: Hao Chi Dian sejajar ama restoran : eaton & iton, sebelom resto penang kalo ngga salah 🙂

  • sopjagung

    @Reza: Sayangnya… iya 😀
    @Lira: Videonya dilihat berkali-kali juga nggak bosen :)) Hao Chi Dian itu di deretan jalan pinggir kali yang ada Eaton, Bank BII, Bank BCA, Lomie Abadi, dan masih banyak restoran lain.
    @Hanson: Are you OK with spicy food because Jenz’s favorite food are usually spicy…

  • Kartika

    Hi Jenz and everybody! Hao Chi is pretty good I think. It was quite empty when it first opened but it’s more crowded the last time I had dinner there. You should try the Soto Mie, the broth is really good!

  • lir4

    thanks y sop n jenz… ^^
    btw, no pok ada versi 2nya loh.. tapi ngga gt lucu

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