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February 21, 2011 | Chinese Cuisine, Medan, Noodle, With Pork

It was raining on the first night we’re in Medan, so we decided to have dinner at the back of the hotel, which is Selat Panjang street. There are a lot of choices here. I was meaning to try Hokkian noodle at Selat Panjang No.16, but they weren’t open that night. So we chose to eat at Selat Panjang No.5. The place was full and everybody was busy eating their noodle, so that’s what we ordered. The noodle is the typical Hokkian noodle with generous topping. It was a warm and delicious meal. 🙂

Hokkian Mie Selat Panjang No.5

Two day’s later, we went back to this place to have breakfast with fellow Medan’s food bloggers: Leo ( and Indra ( Turned out they sell Hokkien Noodle at night and Hakka Noodle (Khek Mie) in the morning. So we’re ordered the Hakka Noodle. It was delicious. A bit more oily (hint: oink) than another hakka noodle we’ve just had at Andalas street, but I liked this one better. 🙂

Bakmi Khek Jl. Panjang no.5

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  • Melly

    Jenz bikin laperrrrrrrrrrrrr… -_____-

  • Sheilla

    Jenz.. kliatannya enak banget.. jadi kpingin – terutama pas baca “oink” nya hehe 😛

  • Ben

    Jen, Bakmi Khek yg di Klp Gading sama dengan yg di Medan ga? jadi kalo mo coba ga usah jauh2 ke Medan. 🙂

  • admin

    @Ben: di sebrang pasar Muara Karang ada Bakmi Khek cabang jl. Andalas Medan. ngga tau sih sama apa ngga sama yg di Klapa Gading 🙂

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