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January 12, 2011 | International Cuisine, JAKARTA, Kaki Lima, South Jakarta

I’ve heard so many raving reviews about Holycow that I lost count, but haven’t had a chance to visit it. Last December, they opened their branch for lunch at Senopati area, so we’re very eager to try it. SC and I arrived early at about 11.30AM to avoid the lunch crowd. We managed to get a table, but the place was already three-quarter full. So, we quickly placed our orders: Wagyu sirloin 200gr 93K and Autralian tenderloin steak 200gr 55K. We had to wait patiently for a while considering that there were so many orders to fill. While we’re waiting, we tweeted to @holycowsteak to get a free Tiramisu which tasted delicious.

Free Tiramisu HolycowSteak

Then our order came. Mine was served with black pepper sauce, while SC’s picked mushroom sauce. In my opinion, the sauce is unnecessary. The steak already tasted so good and cooked perfectly in medium rare state, that adding the black pepper sauce almost felt like ruining the steak. With that price and quality, it’s no wonder there’s a long queue in front of the place. So if you want to try this, came early as the wagyu steak sold out quite fast.

Wagyu Sirloin Holycowsteak

Jl. Bakti no 15
South Jakarta

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  • V

    Di Lausanne juga ada yg namanya Holycow, tapi kayaknya beda ya Jen? Yg di sini burger doang.

  • renaldy

    akhirnyaaaa, setelah bertahun2 ngikutin postingan di blog ini, akhirnya ada juga yg udah pernah gw cobain sebelom di review di jenzcorner, hehehe

    yeah, the steak is great&juicy, i agree that the sauce is kinda unnecessary. the steak is already perfect without the sauce. but the good thing about the sauce is that you can ask for more sauce, and you can ask for a different sauce

  • admin

    @Anggi: di Q lebih banyak variasinya, gw suka BBQ ribs & brisketnya. Kalo steak lebih suka yang Holycow sih 🙂

  • jon

    Maybe it just my bad luck. I came to Kelapa Gading branch few days ago. My Wagyu sirloin 200gr came out soooo thin. Could you imagine what would a thin slice of meat then you BBQ it? The texture of the meat was ruin and it was tasteless. The sauce was the only savior for the dish. Is that horrible or that was not my lucky day. Who knows.

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