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December 15, 2006 | Cakes, Bread & Dessert

Honeymoon Dessert

Last weekend, we went to MTA for some banking business (some banks opened their door on weekend). after that we went upstairs for something to drink. we found out that there’s a new dessert place called “honeymoon dessert”, served various kind of Chinese Style Dessert. so we entered and ordered : “Coco Mango Tofu Pudding” 17.5K, “Durian Pudding”14.5K and “strawberry melon iced” 13.5K and “mango iced” 17K. we got a plate of melon pudding as compliment. it turned out our order was a bit to much for two people. since all the dessert were sweet plus the fruit juice. we became so full and can’t swallow anything untill dinner. btw the durian pudding was delicious. I might want to come back for their durian pancake, but this time I’ll order mineral water only 🙂

Honeymoon Dessert
Mal Taman Anggrek
4th Floor, A-03C
ph. +62(21) 56999520, 56999531

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  • Tjing2

    I’ve been there 3 times..and still wanna come back again..their hospitality plus the sweet taste (u may ask them to reduce the thickness of the coconut juice and another pour of ginger water ;p…) will attract you to try and tray again..The Snow white sago was really a great freshener after walking around shopping ..the bean curd, black sesame (u may taste a bit bitter taste), grass jelly pudding were great too..but the baked mashed taro sago and the black rice pudding are a bit too sweet for me..its made me full before i could end-it-up half of the cup..sweet ball coated peanut is so-so lah..taste like mochi or ronde ;p…

  • Natalia

    thanks for the info, Jen..

  • clarensius

    Thanks for your recommendation. After reading your comment, I went to MTA to try the desserts. I am so impressed with their hospitallity also, but mostly with their food. Since I went there with 4 friends, we can taste quite a lot of desserts, their pancakes : durian and mango, are the best, also their snow white sago. the juice are so fresh, not from the essence. Their hot desserts are great too, they even served birdnest, even it is quite expensive. But overall it is very goods, I give a full recommendation for those who have not come there, I will definitely come again, honeymoon desserts. I also found out that it is the franchise desserts from hongkong and they also open at China, and in Bandung also at ciwalk. Thank you Jen for your info. It is nice to have the dessert restaurant like that. ciao.

  • filiana

    thanks for the information. yesterday i went to honeymoon dessert in MTA. My friend and I already tried and its very delicious expecially durian pancake, snow white sago, and the drinks. My friends like hot pudding, sweet ball, jar-jar, and many more. Next time we will come to there again. the location on the 4th floor. you must to try it.

  • sopjagung

    Honeymoon Dessert’s Durian Pancake is very delicious indeed, but I guess it depends on the durian they used. I’m curious whether it will still be as delicious in the next few months when the durian season is over.

  • luisa

    I am a durian lover, it sounds like a very interesting recommendation. I’ll go there to try myself.

  • luisa

    I went there sunday, I had to que to get a seat but the effort was paid off with the foods. Their durian pancake was TOP BANGEEET, I never try something like that before, very fresh, also their durians pudding and durian ice. I think their speciallities in their pancakes, I also try their mango and banana pancake. It very good also…..

  • Ivanna

    Last 2 weeks near the chinese new year, i went to Bandung to see my family.
    One of my member family take me go to chiwalk for eating out, after finish the dinner we try take dessert in Honeymoon dessert. I try to eating one of their favorit menu is SNOW WHITE SAGO, and wow…….. the taste is very very amazing, the taste really like the name of that menu like……..snow white princess.

  • Reza

    I just tried it, and what can I say. Nothing i guess, but. Awesome. Loved every bite, and every sip of everything i ate. They’re opening at MKG 3 soon. I saw their shop being prepared.

  • lenny

    Honeymoon Dessert .. ?
    TWO thumbs UP !!

  • Andrian

    True !
    Nothing Bad i can say about this place *maybe the price* :p

  • jessica

    there’s another Honeymoon Dessert located at Mall Kelapa Gading 3 🙂

  • luisa

    Honeymoon dessert at Kelapa gading mall, the place was very nice I think. They keep the decoration the same as in TA, but here they have the smoking room with the nice sofa and also separate meeting room, it can be a very good alternatives to meet client or even to hang out with my friends. They change the menu’s book since I last come to TA, now they add some interesting menu to try, but still it is goods. TWO THUMBS UP? Have anyone went to their outlet in Ciwalk Bandung?

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