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October 9, 2007 | Central jakarta, Chinese Cuisine, Dimsum, JAKARTA, Noodle, Rice

Lately, I often find myself visiting this place. It is located on Jl. Sunda (next to ATL Hayam Wuruk & Bakmi Gajah Mada). When I first heard about this place, I was thinking of a place with chinese interiors, but I was surprised when I entered the building. It is chic & cool, bit white with minimalist design. It has murals painted on the wall, white & pink furniture and high ceiling. I instantly fell in love with the decor. (plus they have a fast & free wifi, and let us sit there for hours )

Hong Kong Cafe

The menus are quite extensive, there are various choices from HK style fried rice, noodles (there are also instant noodle, don’t know whether it’s the kind we know about 😛 ), baked rice, baked spagetti, hot plates, soups, bread and sandwich for breakfast, dim sum, and chinese style dessert such as mango pudding, coconut pudding, durian pudding. From my several visits, I always ordered their lamien noodles selection (not in the menu book and you have to ask for it). Their wonton noodle was delicious. Tried their sichuan noodles too, but not impressed. For the drink, I always order their ‘hot honey lemon’ 7.8K. Once I tried their ‘seafood mushroom cream sauce baked rice’ 26K (so so), SC tried their ‘fried seafood HK e-fu noodle’ (so so juga), but we both agreed that their ‘durian pudding’ 15K was awful and one of the dimsum items, ‘steamed crystal chives’ 9.8K was seriously delicious. 🙂

Hong Kong Cafe

Hong Kong Cafe
Jl. Sunda No. 5
Jakarta 10350
ph. +62(21) 310 7868
fx. +62(21) 310 7883

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  • Michelle

    Kayaknya asik nih buat tempat hang out en numpang nyari internet gratis ^_^
    (walau ternyata ada menu yg enak en ada yg enggak ye?!)
    tapi anehnya kenapa Lamien gak ada di menu tapi bisa request? kalau emang enak sih kenapa ga dijadiin Menu utama yee?? 😉

  • sopjagung

    Lamien bukannya gak ada di menu, tapi di-list di selembar menu yang terpisah. Entah kenapa karyawan HK Cafe sepertinya selalu ngasih buku menu standar, tapi nggak ngasi menu yang lembaran. Jadi, kalau ke sana, jangan lupa minta SEMUA menunya 😀

  • flona

    oouww ini toh yang adi doyan nyemilin sambelnya?

  • aguss

    wah uda ganti nama ya… dulu kesana pas malam taon baru yang lalu namanya “CANTINA”

  • rinenggo

    pelayanan dan makanannya bener2 enak lho…..kenapa gak kita coba ya….apalagi bisa internet gratis

  • tantri

    i love this place too..the food is so so but good enough to make me come back and enjoy the nice interior.

  • agnes

    waktu itu gue ke sini waktu temen ulang tahun.. di private room nya. di lantai 2.. bagusss.. di tangga nya juga ada semut2 yang cuma gambar doang. pertama kali liat kaget juga sih.. terus di dalem private room nya ada wii buat main, karaoke, n tempat mini games gitu. beberapa bulan kemudian, ke sana lagi.. emang enak sih. NICE WORK HK!

  • Elizabeth

    Prvate roomnya minimum order 2.5 jt nih..
    ga bs buat party kecil..15 org.. musti 60 org gitu..

  • Victor

    Would be great if you can also make the location of the restaurants in your blog on the google map.

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