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June 2, 2006 | Closed, JAKARTA, Japanese & Korean Cuisine, North Jakarta

Last week we had dinner @ “house of aishiteru” la piazza. Since my last unfortunate event with “aishiteru” puri indah, I always avoid this restaurant, but my friends decided to go there so I give up and hoping that their food taste better than the one in Puri Indah, turned out that the menu is quite different, they offer what i guess as fusion Japanese cuisine. the menu consist of selection of sushi, onigiri, fusion sushi, sashimi, kushiyaki, gunkan, donburi, soba/ramen/udon, ala carte & bento set etc

House of Aishiteru

So we ordered : “salmon cheese don” (Japanese rice + sauteed salmon with butter and mozzarella cheese on top) 33K, “gyu yanagawa don” (Japanese rice + sauteed gobo root & beef with sweet yanagawa sauce) 42K, “unagi donburi” (Japanese rice + barbeque’s eel with teriyaki sauce and sliced omelette) 66K and “seafood udon” (salmon & gindara with teriyaki sauce & fried tempura shrimp) 42K. the “the salmon cheese don” was quite disappointed (kurang nendang bo), and I don’t think they gave us mozzarella, I guess based on the cheese color it was just cheddar cheese, the rest of the order is OK, but compared to the price it was not worthed.

La Piazza Ground Floor
Kelapa Gading
North Jakarta

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  • sopjagung

    Yang sudut kiri bawah enakkkkkkkkk 😛

  • noobface

    unagi (right corner, isnt it?) paling tobb lahh..hehehe…

  • Kelvin

    Gue jadi ngiler nih.. btw gue suka nih blog, krn photonya keren2, selalu di update, and ada damage costnya..

  • karina

    gak ah, aishiteru gak OK sbg resto jepang. gw perna makan yang di piazza, lg sepi bgt, tp servingnya asal2an bgt, sushinya tasteless bgt.. =(

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