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August 9, 2008 | Beverages, Cakes, Bread & Dessert, Central jakarta, JAKARTA, South Jakarta

3 weeks ago, we tried this small & stylish cafe inside Glow Store at Plaza Indonesia. It was a branch of the old Kemang stalwart. Although the place is not big, the interior is decorated in classic contemporary style. They have several cakes displayed in the counter, but there’s not much to select from the menu. We ordered Du Hammam Tea (green tea, rose, green date and red fruit) 25K++ and from their dessert list we ordered chocolate profiterole (filled with stracciatella ice cream and caramel sauce) 45K++. I like the profiterole very much, with the ice cream containing coarsely ground peanuts. The tea was also good. Pricey, but worth my every rupiahs 😀

Huize van Welly

Huize Van Welly
Patissier – Chocolatier – Glacier – Tea Room

The Papilion, 1st floor, Jl. Kemang Raya 45AA
ph. +62(21) 7191975, 7195737 fx. +62(21) 7181574

Glow, Plaza Indonesia, Ground Floor, #179
ph. +62(21) 3928305 fx. +62(21) 3928305
Jakarta, Indonesia

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  • Daniel Prawira

    Hmm…couldn’t be more agree with u jenz… u should try the crispy apple pie… yummy..or the pyramid shape chocolate cake…its sooo delicious! they had wagyu burger too… 4 me they tastes better than gourmet garage.

  • chiquita

    dari dulu tempat ini emang mahalnya minta ampun..tapi kebayar sama rasanya yang enak banget

  • Steve

    Went to the one in Pacific Place today. Had the pyramid shape chocolate mousse.. it was good. I love the place. The decor, the lighting, it’s perfect. Very cozy.
    As for the price, you definitely get what you paid for. 😉

  • rani kmrn gue ngeliat huiz ini buka di pacific place lantai dasar, tokonya jadi satu sama butik gitu…
    belum sempet nyobain, kapan2 aku png nyobain coklatnya, abis liat di displaynya woww menarik banget

  • christina

    Jen, this is my favourite photo. Good capture and good color balance too.

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