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December 14, 2015 | Chicken/Beef/Mutton, International Cuisine, JAKARTA, South Jakarta, Western Cuisine, With Pork


Hurricane Grill is currently one of the hippest restaurants in Jakarta. Hailing from Sidney, Australia by Normi Group, it recently opened a branch on Gunawarman street. The place seems to be constantly crowded and apparently it’s difficult to get a reservation. After failing to get a reservation several months ago, we finally managed to get a table there last month. It was one fine Sunday night and the place was packed.


We decided to order their BBQ platter 988K++ consisting of beef ribs, tenderloin steak, lamb chop, sausages, sweet potato fries with mushroom sauce to share. There’s an option for pork ribs, but some of us can’t eat pork so we chose beef instead. The platter was big enough for 3 – 4 people. The ribs were delicious, the bbq sauce that accompanied the ribs was also good, not too sweet with a little hint of tangy. I also like the lamb chop and steak, but unfortunately the sausages tasted weird as I think it has too much cloves.


We also ordered a plate of caesar salad 128K++ as we want to eat some vegetables too. I was quite disappointed when the salad arrived. It only consisted of lettuce, croutons and cheese. Where’s the tomatoes / boiled eggs? And for that price, I think it was way overpriced.


For dessert, we ordered banofee pie 68K++ and baileys and chocolate mousse 88K++ to share. Both dessert tasted delicious, the banofee pie was a little too sweet for my taste, but I sure love the baileys chocolate mousse. The baileys taste was so strong and the chocolate was dark just the way I like it.


Overall, I think the place was overrated and overpriced. Sure, the ribs tasted delicious. But I think there are quite a few ribs/steak places in Jakarta that serve pretty good ribs with a more reasonable price tag. So will I be back? Well, not in the near future.

Hurricane Grill
Jl. Gunawarman No.20
Jakarta 12110
Phone. +62(21) 27513388
Operating hours: 11AM – 11PM

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  • Leony

    Opininya soal overpriced and overrated, sama persis sama semua opini teman-teman saya yang sudah makan di situ. Padahal di Sydney dia bukan resto yang gimana-gimana banget, cuma sekedar populer, tapi di Jakarta jadi berkesan eksklusif karena kelewat mahal.

  • Ivan

    For the BBQ platter, how many person is it appropriate to share?

  • sopjagung

    The menu says it’s good for 3 to 4 people.

  • Darren

    Traditional Caesar salad consists of romaine, croutons, garlic, lemon juice, and cheese. Black pepper, olive oil, and capers may be used as well. The only presence of egg is raw in the dressing. Eggs and tomato = not a Caesar salad. I have seen those ingredients used in other restaurants in Jakarta (along with iceberg lettuce!) but that is not a true Caesar salad.

  • Jenz

    Hi Darren, thank you for the correction.

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