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March 5, 2013 | INDONESIAN CUISINE, JAKARTA, North Sumatra Cuisine, West Jakarta, With Pork

Three days ago, SC showed me an email in JalanSutra mailing list. It was a review about a new eatery at Tanjung Duren area called Nangin Milala that serves kidu-kidu. Kidu-kidu is a kind of Bataknese sausage that consisted of pork bits, innards plus vegetables such as celery (if I’m not mistaken), that is usually available at Batak Karo eateries. I was very excited to try this place since I had one at North Sumatra last year, but couldn’t find any in Jakarta. So the next day, we ventured to Tanjung Duren in search of kidu-kidu.

kidu kidu at rm nangin milala

Nangin Milala is located next to the famous Bakmie Lily. The place doesn’t look much like an eatery, more like a hut, but I think it gave the right Lapo (Bataknese eatery) atmosphere. The front of the place is used as a grilling area. So we went inside, got a table and ordered a portion of kidu-kidu, babi panggang karo/BPK (grilled pork in Karo style) and a bowl of pork soup to sample. They served the dish with sambel saksang, green chillies mixed with a dash of lime and salt. The kidu-kidu tasted a bit different from the one I had at North Sumatra. It consisted only of minced pork, but still tasted delicious and I like the smoky taste on the kidu-kidu. The grilled pork also tasted good, although I’m a bit dissapointed that they didn’t serve it with Andaliman chili sauce. But overall I’m happy to find a place that serve kidu-kidu in Jakarta and hopefully I can be back for more.

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  • admin

    @leo: so? 🙂

  • Yoanna Bangun

    Thank you so much Jeny… I’ll put Andaliman in chilli sauce. But in other sauce I gave Andaliman already…

  • fimella

    I am a Karonise, you can find kidu-kidu in BPK (Babi Panggang Karo) in Cililitan near to Universitas Kristen Indonesia, Depok, Kampung Rambutan, and in food court Glodok Mall.

  • V

    Leo: the word is ‘chitterling’.

  • imanuel

    hai Jen, do you record the phone or address of the restaurant? it will be great.. btw it sure taste very good right..

  • Ruby |

    I went to this page because I thought Kidu-Kidu is the same as Kudu-Kudu. I’ve been looking for a decent one in Jakarta. But anw, its not bad finding out about Kidu-Kidu. Kemaren ga dibawa sama Leo cobain ini. Seru kayanya. =D

    Nangin Milala ada arti sendiri gak? In bataknese maybe?

  • Jenz

    @ruby: nangin milala itu nama istri yg punya klo ga salah 🙂

  • Dedy@Dentist Chef

    i gotta said there’s a several fact about kidu2, kidu2 traditionally didn’t contain any celery, istead it’s using scallion or sping onion,
    kidu2 wraped in pig small intestine NOT COLON

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