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October 4, 2009 | Central jakarta, INDONESIAN CUISINE, JAKARTA, West Sumatra Cuisine

3 weeks ago, we went back to Senen area to try Padangnese dishes by Ibu Kaca Mata. The place is located near Uni Upik. Just walk past the familiar Kapau staills and turn left into the first small road and walk a little further inside the alley to find more and more Padangnese stalls, where one of them is Ibu Kaca Mata. This time, we arrived earlier around 7PM so it was still open. Some of the dishes were sold out, so we managed with whatever was still left. We chose: ayam bakar, ikan bakar, gulai limpa, rendang jengkol, perkedel, complete with the usual sambal merah & sambal hijau and vegetables. I think this place doesn’t serve Kapau dishes, but more like Padang Panjang dishes (please correct me if I’m mistaken). Overall, it was delicious 🙂

Ibu Kaca Mata

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  • Ronny

    Lokasinya tepatnya di mana ya? Ada alamat? Atau ancer2 yg lebih jelas? Link ke place marker di Google Maps lebih mantap lagi, hehehe. Thanks.

  • Ronny

    Itu yang pake kaos ijo, nggak ada muka ya Jen? Penampakan..??

  • Jenz

    bukan penampakan kok.. itu mukanya ketutupan sama plastik yg muter2 buat ngusir lalat.

  • Lisa

    Walk past padangnes stalls nya dari sebelah mana?? do you recall the name of the small alley? How are we to find it?

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