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January 16, 2006 | Chinese Cuisine

Its almost midnight when we finished watch “Memoirs of a Geisha” at Djakarta Theater, and we feel a “little” hungry, so we headed to Kota. At first we went to “Brilliant restaurant” that served porridge from 10PM to 02AM, but they almost run out of porridge, then we switched to Agoan‘s porridge at Pecenongan, but already close. then I remembered that “Imperial Chef” restaurant open for 24 hours so we went there. 🙂

Located in the same building with Pizza Hut, Sushi Nobu, Jesselyn Cake, Imperial Chef still have a lot of guest sitting & eating there at 1AM. we waited for a while when they prepare our table, then we start to order : Mixed Pork Porridge (Bubur Babi Campur) 28K, Steam Prawn Rice Noodle Rolls (Tim Udang Cheong Fan) (13.8K), Talas Goreng Istimewa (10.8K), Fried Chinese Bun (Mantau Goreng) 8.8K, Shanghai-style Dumpling (Tim Xiao Long Bao) 12.8K, Pork Noodle (Mie Babi Tangan Depan) 28K, Jellyfish with pork(Ubur-ubur dengan Babi Sengkel) 38K and Chinese Tea 5K. mmmm not bad 🙂 we left the place with a sleepy eyes & round belly 😛

Imperial Chef
Hotel Jayakarta
Jl. Hayam Wuruk no.126
Telp: +62(21) 626-2533
Fax: +62(21)626-4738

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  • Anonymous

    jenz, itu porsi brapa org ? hoaoaoaoa… dumplingnya enak ? enakan mana ama cilantro ? itu yg gurih2 apa ? itu tahu ya di pojok kanan bawah ? lumpia pojok kiri bawah ? wa.. jenz…. ngileeeerrr….

  • Jenz

    porsi 4 org kok zink 😛 lebih enakan ini kalo gw bilang dibanding cilantro. pojok kanan bawah :mantau, pojok kiri bawah : chee cheong fan udang.

  • flona

    bellynya yang round kaga dipoto Jen? wakakkak

  • lira

    cobaun scallopnya d.. enak banget.. tapi lama banget juga ^^

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