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September 17, 2012 | Chinese Cuisine, Dimsum, JAKARTA, Noodle, Tangerang, With Pork


Several months ago, after attending a sushi class at Umaku – Alam Sutera, SC & I decided to grab something to eat before heading home. We walked around Flavor Bliss, until we found a place called Imperial Lamian. I was quite excited after I found out that they serve pork, so we entered. It was very crowded inside that there was no tables left in the spacious restaurant. But when we asked the waiter, they ushered us to a separate and quiet table on the second floor at the back of the restaurant.

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After studying the menu, we decided to order pork wonton noodle 26.9K, crispy BBQ roast pork 32.9K, xiao long bao super 19.9K, egg tart 11.9K and a pot of chrysanthemum tea 5.9K. To be honest, we’re not expecting much from the restaurant, but we’re pleasantly surprised. The wonton noodle was delicious. I like the lamian noodle and the rich & flavorful pork broth. The roast pork was superb, with crispy skin and succulent meat. It has that ‘melt in your mouth’ sensation. The colorful XLB was just so so, but for that price I can’t complain at all. Last, the egg tart was mediocre. But still, our overall impression of Imperial Lamian is quite positive with a very reasonable price. I will return to try more of their dim sum selections.

Imperial Lamian
The Flavor Bliss Extension
Alam Sutera
Serpong – Tangerang
ph. +62 21 2900 5069

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  • V

    But the egg is is grey.

  • admin

    telur di lamian? iya.. telurnya sih agak2 overcook 😀

  • lamianworld

    Yummm, la mian!
    They make the noodles fresh there?

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