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August 1, 2013 | INDONESIAN CUISINE, No Pork, Tangerang, West Sumatra Cuisine

There’s one West Sumatra restaurant that lately has become our must visit place whenever we’re in Alam Sutra area. The place is called Indah Jaya Minang and it’s quite popular among people living in Serpong/BSD area. No wonder the place is always crowded during lunch/dinner time. As is the custom in these kinds of restaurants, once we took our seat, waiters will begin serving us with plate after plate of Minangkabau dishes until they covered up most of the table. No worry, we are only charged for what we ate.


One thing I find quite special in Indah Jaya Minang is that the steamed rice they serve are from “Bareh Solok” variant, a type of rice cultivated in the Solok region in West Sumatra. The rice characteristic is fluffy but not sticky like the usual rice we found in other Minang restaurants in Jakarta.


There are a lot of dishes to try at Indah Jaya Minang and some of our favorites are: gulai otak (curried beef brain), fried chicken, ayam pop (fried chicken that was first cooked in coconut water before frying), chicken liver and gizzard satay, gulai nangka/cubadak (young jackfruit curry), anyang sampelo (a kind of urap/ steamed papaya leaves/papaya flower mixed with spiced grated coconut), green chili sambal and even the ubiquitous steamed cassava leaves are all delicious.

  • indah-jaya-minang-ayam-cabe-ijo
  • indah-jaya-minang-gulai-otak
  • indah-jaya-minang-jengkol-udang-pete
  • indah-jaya-minang-soto-padang

On weekends, they sometime also serve palai bada which is a dish made from cassava leaves, ikan teri (anchovy), grated coconut, chili and spices wrapped in banana leaves and then grilled on charcoal made from dried coconut shells. Palai bada is not commonly found in Minang restaurants in Jakarta. It’s a specialty dish from Painan city, a capital city in South coastal district in West Sumatra.


Overall, the dishes served at Indah Jaya Minang is quite mild, not too spicy but still delicious. So it’ll be suitable for people who can’t eat spicy food. Although the price is on the high side, we kept returning to try more dishes.

Indah Jaya Minang
Komplek Ruko Imperial Walk
Jalur Tol Alam Sutra 29C No.46-48
Alam Sutera
ph. +62(21) 5314 0796, 5314 0797

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