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November 9, 2008 | Indian Cuisine, JAKARTA, North Jakarta, Rice

Last month I was craving for Indian Cuisine. At first we wanted to go to Haveli at Graha Irama, but a friend pointed out that it has recently closed. So our next choice is Queen of India at Hotel Danau Sunter. On our way to Sunter, we passed several Indian restaurant that looks quite promising, so we changed course and stopped at Indian Tandoor.
Indian Tandoor
The place was simple, but clean with several Indian accessories on the wall and the television was playing an Indian movie channel. It turned out that we’re the only Indonesian patrons sitting there. To me, it is a sign of authentic food. So we ordered garlic naan 10.5K, butter naan 9.5K & Mix Vegetable Makhanwala (a combination of vegetables cooked in tomato gravy) 29K, plus a portion of chicken biryani rice 39.5K. The meal turned out in very generous portions, it tasted hot, tasty & spicy. Since I love Indian dishes, to me all of the dishes was very delicious. The service was very friendly, we surely will be back for more.

Indian Tandoor
The Pride of Indian Cuisine

Jl. Danau Sunter Utara Blok M No.34
North Jakarta 14350 Indonesia
ph. +62(21) 650-2377
hp. +62(811) 96-2252
fx. +62(21) 650-2382

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  • V

    Ack! Haveli tutup? For good?
    Gue juga demen kalo ke resto2 gini, tus liat cuma gue yg orang Indonesia. Rasanya nemu resto authentic banget :)) :))

  • rain

    waktu baca judul post ini “indian tandoor”, kok rasanya familiar ya. dan astaga…………, ternyata bener toh ini restoran deket rumah yg sering g kunjungi. awal2 ke sono makanannya cukup oke, cuma tempatnya agak bau nggak enak. terakhir ke sono kira2 2 bln lalu, pas lagi makan ada tikus kecil lewat di bawah meja depan g. ooppsss, langsung jadi gak napsu dan gak pernah balik lagi. oh ya, samosanyanya tasty.
    haveli tutup :(, padahal di depan kantor g. g suka yang di sanskriti di BRI. 🙂

  • rara

    we just tried this yday, really was quite hesitant upon seeing the place. it wasnt bad, just not enough lights? + we just went to queen’s of india so the contrast was obvious!
    we had the chicken tikka masala, taste reali good but i think for the price, the portion is too small! (prefer queen’s of india)
    n the naan, eugh! never going back for the naan, neither for the roti “cenai”…too doughy! (queen’s of india 2 – indian tandoor 0)
    but we had the chicken tandoori last, considering how small the portion is, we still had some space left in our stomach. it made my day! the spices were so fabulous!
    promised myself will go back thr again for the chicken tandoori, but aft the rat story Rain posted………….err, ga janji deee.

  • Hary

    Try Royal kitchen in mal bellagio. that is the best indian food i tried so far.

  • Lala

    katanya the whole haveli group moved ke Namaste Indian Cuisine di graha MIK, SetiaBudi..

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