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January 27, 2011 | Events, Italian Cuisine, South Jakarta

Italian Cuisine Tutorial with Bondan Winarno

Last weekend, I attended an event held at Decanter Wine House called “Italian Cuisine, Tutorial with Bondan Winarno”. It was an interesting event and the food followed surely was delicious. We got a lot of knowledge about how to order Italian dishes, so next time we’re in an Italian ristorante, we won’t only order pizza/pasta. The meal order usually begins with:

  • Il pane
    Bread, usually eaten with olive oil and balsamic vinegar
  • Antipasto/Antipasti
    Appetizers, usually consisting of selections of cold cuts, cured meat, or salad
  • Primo Piatto/Primi Piatti
    First course, usually consisting of pasta, risotto, or soup
  • Secondo Piatto/Secondo Piatti
    Second course (the main dish) usually fish or meat, sometimes grilled cheese
  • Contorno/Contorni
    Side dish, can be cooked vegetables like potato, polenta, corn on the cob, etc
  • Dolci/Dolce
    Dessert: cakes (tiramisu), sorbetto (usually spiked with liquor), cheese
  • Frutta Fresh fruits, nuts
  • Petit fours coffee (espresso), spirits, served with amaretti (Italian macaroons) and petit fours

After that, we started eating!

For antipasto we had Melanzane alla Parmigiana (grilled eggplant topped with tomato & parmesan), the presentation was good & the taste was exquisite. I never thought eggplant could be this delicious 🙂
Melanzane alla Parmigiana

Next, we had primo piatto which were two kinds of pasta: spaghetti aglio e olio (w/ garlic & olive oil) and spaghetti al pesto (basil, pine/almond nuts, garlic, olive oil). There was a bottle of virgin coconut oil on the table to pour on the pasta if we felt that the pasta was too dry. I liked the aglio olio, but I preferred the pesto one. I’ve always loved basil pesto sauce, even though the one we had used almonds instead of pine nuts.

spaghetti aglio e olio

spaghetti al pesto

Next was the surprise menu: Tuzda Balik (Pesce al Sale) which is basically fish wrapped in grape leaves and baked in salt crust. Mr. Bondan Winarno demonstrated how to break the salt crust and after that, we each grabbed a piece of the meat and ate it with a dash of lemon and olive oil. It was delicious. The meat was tender, not too salty, and not fishy at all.
pesce al sale

After that came a bowl of risotto ai funghi. It was delicious although I only ate a little since it was very filling.

risotto ai funghi

The secondo piatto (main dish) was Trippa alla Fiorentina tripe (babat) cooked slowly in tomato sauce, served with potato gratin. This one was also delicious. The tripe were cut into thin strips and were tender. I’d never eat babat in Italian cuisine before. 🙂
Trippa alla Fiorentina
After that came the dolce (dessert) which was home made tiramisu. It was mediocre and I could still taste the ice in the cake.
home-made tiramisu
Our lunch ended with a cup of coffee served with pralines. One of the pralines was infused with tabasco. According to my friend (the chocolate lover) who sit next to me, the tabasco praline was delicious.
coffee with pralines

Overall, I had a great time there. I also got to taste several bites of Mama‘s new water guava sorbet. With the price of 200K++ (without wine), I think the event was worth it. Loved all the dishes cooked by Chef Johannes Pratiwanggana from Decanter. I hope they’ll be making this kind of event more often in the future. 🙂

Decanter Wine House
Plaza Kuningan
Menara Utara. Ground Floor
Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said Kav. C11-14
Jakarta 12940, Indonesia

ph. +62(21) 5296 3888
fx. +62(21) 5292 2215

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  • V

    Keren nih acaranya. Seperti lo bilang, lain kali bisa pesen yg lain2 😀 Cuma, setau gue saus pesto gak pake cream deh. Bener2 ijo aja.

    BTW, gara2 liat foto2 lu yg ini, gue jadi pengen makan Italian cold cuts (Salumi). Barusan gue beli segerombolan salami, pancetta, lardo sama Capicola buat makmal 😀 😀 😀

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