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February 5, 2013 | Beverages, INDONESIAN CUISINE, Tangerang

I noticed a place called Seven Seas next to Ichi no Hachi, Alam Sutera. It’s a place that sells jamu. Jamu is a catch-all term for all kinds of Indonesian traditional herbal (and believed to be medicinal) drinks that is usually found sold on the streets by women carrying various bottles of concoctions. She’ll then mix the drink as per the customer request, maybe it’s for boosting the stamina, healing flu, or other types of health enhancers. Seven Seas is just like that, but in a store setting with a much nicer ambience.


They serve various jamu seduh with fancy names such as jamu puting beliung, jamu sesuatu banget, jamu emosi jiwa, jamu cenat cenut, jamu galau, jamu dugem etc. Each of the jamu is indicated to remedy specific health problem. I’ve been here several times and so far have tried jamu puting beliung (to cure/prevent cold) and jamu cenat-cenut (to cure headache). The taste can be bitter for those who is not used to drink jamu, but they also provide a small glass of sweetened ginger drink to drink afterwards. And believe it or not, my body felt much better after drinking this. So each time I’m in the area I try to give it a visit. 🙂


Seven Seas
Ruko ASTC Blok E 10 No.10
Alam Sutera
Ph. +62(21) 409 21 304

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