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January 21, 2011 | Beverages, JAKARTA, South Jakarta

From Holycowsteak, we walked a short distance to Kedaung’s showroom where there was a 30% discount promo. They have a small coffeeshop inside the premise called Javva that is managed by a friend, Adi AKA @peminumkopi, who is very passionate about coffee. Javva serves various kinds of coffee (single origin coffee, encek’s coffee, cafe au lait, orange scented coffee, ginger coffee, iced coffee, iced lemongrass coffee, cafe au lait freddo, javva’s coffee float, javva afogato) and tea (solo’s pvt. label jasmine tea, hot javva’s jasmine blend, hot lime tea, hot rose tea, iced javva’s jasmine, iced lime & honey tea, iced lemongrass tea, iced mint and lime tea) ranging in price from 12.5K-27.5K. The coffee is served as pourover/syphon or plain old frenchpress. They also serve several snacks to accompany the drink.

Kopi Javva pourover and syphon coffee bar

Turned out they weren’t open that day, but Adi gave us a free sample which is a cup of single origin Papua coffee 12.5K served using a syphon. SC also got a glass of iced lemongrass coffee 15K which tasted quite unusual since we’re more familiar with lemongrass tea. Overall, although we’re not avid coffee drinkers, we’re quite excited about this place. 🙂

pourover and syphon coffee bar

inside Kedaung’s Senopati store
Jl. Senopati Raya 71-73
Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta
twitter: @kopijavva
open 7 day a week, from 10am – 8pm

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