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December 3, 2010 | Central jakarta, Events, International Cuisine, JAKARTA

Several days ago, I was invited to the Jakarta Culinary Festival (JCF) Food Blogger’s Dinner, a collaboration between Ismaya Group and held at JCF’s Pop UP Rest & Bar located at Grand Indonesia West Mall Lvl 5. The event started with a talk show about writing with Ivan Sielegar from and Erza S.T. (food writer), then continued with tips and tricks about food photography by Himawan Sutanto from Foodtography. After that, Hugo Adrian demonstrated how to make a California sushi roll. During the events, we were given a complimentary welcome drink, which we can choose from either Erdinger beer or Ketel One lychee martini. I tasted the martini and it was great 🙂

JCF Food Blogger Dinner

The dinner started at about 8 PM. By then I’ve already felt so hungry and ready to eat anything put in front of me. The menu looked very promising: 7 course degustation menu consisting of cold appetizer, hot appetizer, soup, followed by main courses: pasta, fish, meat, and finally, dessert. Each menu was prepared by a different chef. There’s a complimentary wine selection to accompany the food, provided by G7 Wine of Chile: G7 reserva cabernet sauvignon, G7 shiraz, and G7 chardonnay. I asked for a cabernet sauvignon while my friends ordered shiraz, so I can take a sip of some of that too *I know nothing about wine, just wanted to try everything*

So, the dinner started with Balinese chicken salad with coconut vegetables and sambal matah prepared by Fahmi Widarte – Corporate Chef of Rotaryana Prima. It tasted delicious, quite spicy and, according to my friends, goes well with the cabernet sauvignon.

Balinese chicken salad with coconut vegetables amd sambal matah

Next, came Braised wagyu beef cheek in sweet miso prepared by Hugo Adrian – executive chef of Blowfish Kitchen and Bar. It consisted of daikon topped with a slice of braised wagyu and chili threads. It was superb. The miso sauce was subtle, not too sweet. The meat is so juicy and tender. I practically licked my plate clean 🙂

Braised Wagyu Beef Cheek in Sweet Miso

The third course is a soup, which is called Authentic Sultan’s Tomato Cream Soup by Agus Ishermawan – Head chef of Ismaya Catering. Now, this one didn’t look special, but tasted so wonderful. A tangy and creamy tomato soup with a hint of lemongrasss, plus they got a surprise item which is a piece of foie gras. (Hello Ismaya, where can I taste this menu again, is this available at one of your premises?)

Authentic Sultan Tomato Cream Soup

After that came Conchigliette rosse all ‘uovo mantecate al ragu’ d’natra, pinoli tostati e rucola (don’t ask me how it is pronounced) which is a red shell pasta with duck ragout, pine nuts and rocket salad. It was the creation of Gianfranco Beltrame – Italian chef de cuisine at Casa D’oro, Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta. It supposed to be good, but somehow I didn’t quite like it and I felt the pasta is overcooked. I felt so full after several bites, I can’t really finish it. *sorry* 😛

Red shell pasta with duck ragout, pine nut and rocket salad

The next dish is Chilean sea bass seasoned with lee kum kee ginger oyster sauce prepared by Sofyan Joshua – Technical Culinary Chef of Sukanda Djaya. The presentation is good, accompanied with a wild betel leaf (usually found in Vietnamese cuisine, Thx Arie for the description) and pine nuts. The fish is juicy and succulent inside, yet a bit crispy outside, and served with Lee Kum Kee sauce, which tasted good although I think it’s a bit too overpowering. The fish alone already tasted good. It also went well with the accompanying cilantro leaves (if you like cilantro).

Chilean sea bass seasoned with lee kum keee ginger oyster sauce

After that, came the meat dish by Ignacio Virgen Jimenez – chef de cuisine of Potato Head: Short rib, truffle demi glaze, charcoal oil, glazed carrots, potato hot foam and nuts fake cous cous. I was quite full at that time, but I enjoyed the ribs. Couldn’t say the same about the nuts fake cous cous though.

Short rib, truffle demi glaze, charcoal oil, glazed carrots, potato hot foam and nuts fake cous cous

The last dish is a dessert prepared by Rinrin Marinka – artistic chef. It’s called Green tea cake ala tropicale. The presentation is quite artistic, a small slice of green tea cake topped with vanilla ice cream accompanied by several tropical fruits and a little bit of matcha powder. It tasted delicious, so although I was already very full at that time (thanks to the pasta), I can manage to finish this dish 🙂

Green Tea Cake ala Tropicale

Overall, it was a great & fun night. The event lasted for about 4-5 hours and we also got a goodie bag with Illy Coffee and Miele Guide book. I also met some of my Jalansutra‘s friends: Grace from Jive Kitchen, Febi and Ichil from Ingredients of Life, Arie Parikesit and Sinta Lucia. I also run into Aris from Dr. B’s Journal and Lauren from Taste Buds to Share. Nice to know you all, hope to see u again 🙂

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  • Leony

    The pasta looked very heavy. No wonder you couldn’t finish it. Too bad, because I expected something better from the revamped Hotel Indonesia Kempinski. And what intrigued me the most was actually the soup!

    Now you made me wanna become a food blogger so I can get invited into this kind of event 😀

  • Ignacio Virgen

    Thank you very much for your comments.

    Always feedback like this is what make us improve in order to meet the expectations of our customers.

    Btw, I ever review most of the blogs that make areview about that night. I need to say thanks for the pic u took of my dish. Absolutly beautiful.

    Culinary regards!

  • admin

    Thanks Ignacio, I hope I can try your other creations next time 🙂

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