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June 3, 2011 | Events, INDONESIAN CUISINE, JAKARTA, South Jakarta

Last weekend I went to Gandaria City to visit one of Kompas Women Fiesta Events: Jelajah Kuliner Nusantara organized by Kelana Rasa Culinary Solution. Located at the VIP parking area (CMIIW), there were about 30 food stands selling delicacies from all over Indonesia. Luckily I met some friends from Jalan Sutra and shared a table and orders with them. This way, I can taste a lot of dishes, much more than if I went there alone. So, we had a feast.

Jelajah Kuliner Nusantara

Below is what I tasted that day: Nasi Madura from Dapur Umi‘s stand, the rice was accompanied by daging tolotoh, telor petisola, and kering kentang ala Madura. It was delicious and spicy. Next, I tried Gudeg Manggar from Bale Raos’s stand. Gudeg Manggar is made from Manggar (young coconut flower). It was delicious, not too sweet and I liked the crunchy texture. After that, things became quite a blur. I remembered trying Oseng-oseng Mercon (Warung Mbah Uti). The dish tasted very mild, not as spicy as I expected. Tongseng Kambing Muntilan: very delicious and spicy. Roti jala with chicken curry from Kedai Roti Jala Melayu Bu Ana, Bakso ikan & udang from Otak-otak Belijong stand: A Must try!, Sate Banjar from RM Nyaman, Ayam Tangkap from RM Seulawah, Mangut Iwak Pe from Warung Mbah Uti: die die must try!, Pisang Ijo, and I also bought Rujak Ice Cream Djogja, a very unique dessert combine a sour and sweet rojak with sweet ice cream. It was truly delicious. After that, I’ve already felt very full, so I only managed to bring home some chocolate from Cokelat Roso Djogja and cheese cake pudding from Rumah Pudding Cake.

  • ayam-tangkap-seulawah
  • bale-raos
  • dapur-umi-masakan-khas-madura
  • gudeg-manggar-bale-raos
  • ketan-ayam-goreng
  • nase-jagung-dapur-umi
  • mangut-iwak-pe
  • otak-otak-belijong
  • pisang-ijo
  • roti-jala-bu-anna
  • rujak-es-krim-djogja
  • tongseng-kambing-muntilan
  • warung-mbah-uti-oseng2-mercon

Overall, I was quite satisfied with this event. The place was not too crowded, so there was no long queues for the meals. I think this is a great way to introduce hard-to-find dishes in Jakarta. I hope they’ll do this kind of event more often. 🙂

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  • Kelanarasa

    We will do jenz 🙂 thanks for coming – kelanarasa

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