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December 26, 2012 | INDONESIAN CUISINE, Medan, North Sumatra Cuisine

I was quite busy last week so I didn’t have time to write the blog. So let’s continue to my North Sumatra trip last month. There aren’t many restaurants with nice ambiance in my hometown, Kisaran. But my brother informed me about a recently opened place called Jimbaran Raya Seafood that is actually quite nice. So one night, we walked there for dinner. The place is spacious with high ceiling and well-lighted. The name, Jimbaran Raya Seafood, seems to be inspired from a popular area in Bali.

  • jimbaran-raya-seafood-cumi
  • jimbaran-raya-seafood-ikan-saus-thai
  • jimbaran-raya-seafood-kailan
  • jimbaran-raya-seafood-tahu-hot-plate
  • jimbaran-raya-seafood-terong
  • jimbaran-raya-seafood-udang-pete-tauco
  • jimbaran-raya-seafood-udang-telor-asin

So long story short, we ordered some green vegetables, tofu in oyster sauce, spicy fried brinjal (eggplant), udang & petai masak tauco (prawn and stink beans cooked in spicy fermented soy bean sauce), udang telor asin (fried prawn with salted egg yolk), some squid dishes in sweet & spicy sauce (didn’t remember the name) and snapper in Thai sauce. I didn’t expect much from the dishes, but it turned out to be quite good. I especially like the snapper in Thai sauce as they used bunga kecombrang (torch ginger flower) in the sauce which I love very much. The sauce was fragrant and a bit tangy. I also tasted this fragrant kecombrang in the squid dish. The udang & petai masak tauco is one of the dishes you must order whenever you travel to North Sumatra, I think every peranakan restaurant (Chinese with Malay influence restaurant) in the province have this dish. The other dishes were also great, but most of them, like udang telor asin & fried brinjal can be easily found in Jakarta. Overall we had a very delicious dinner, some of my relatives even went back there again the next night 🙂

Jimbaran Raya Seafood
Jl. Imam Bonjol no.145-147 (across the street from Wisata Hotel)

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  • V

    I am curious of the veggie stir-fry actually. Wat veggie is that?

  • admin

    Kalo ngga salah sih Kailan V 🙂

  • Sugeng

    jen, are you originally from kisaran? same with me? why don’t you try pondok keluarga for the fish grilled menu?

  • admin

    @Sugeng: Yes, I am. I’ll try Pondok Keluarga on my next visit. Thanks 🙂

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