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January 6, 2008 | Thai & Vietnam Cuisine

Two weeks ago we had dinner with several friends at Jittlada Thai Cuisine – Senayan City. Since it was Saturday night, we made a reservation first and asked for the non-smoking section. When we arrived a little after 7 PM, the place was already full with customers, and they saved us a table in front of the restaurant (I don’t know whether inside the restaurant was designed for smoking customer). After studying the menu, we start to order : for starter we choosed Yam Ma Muang (green mango salad mixed with chili and lime juice) 15.5K and Som Tam (papaya salad with cherry tomatoes, string beans, peanuts, chili and dried shrimp) 15.5K. We also ordered their Tom Yam Kung (famous Thai spicy and sour soup with prawn) 25.5K and Tom Kha Kai (chicken soup with coconut milk and Thai herbs) 15.5K. For main course we ordered Kai Yang (grilled whole chicken marinated with Thai herbs) 55.5K, Poo Nim Tod Krob (3 pieces fried soft shell crab with spicy and sour sauce) 55.5K, Kung Tod Kratiam (deep fried prawn with garlic and pepper) 59.5K, Kung Op Wonsen (house special clay pot prawns with glass noodle) 69.5K, Khao Ohb Nam Liaeb (house special olive rice with minced chicken, chili and Thai parsley) 39.5K, Pad Ma Ke Yao (sauteed eggplant with garlic, soya bean and oyster sauce) 25.5K and for dessert we ordered Man Cham (famous cooked tapioca in syrup topped with coconut cream) 15.5K and Khao Niaw Mamaung (sweet ripe mango with glutinous rice) 18.5K. Overall the meal was delicious, although the portion was small. I especially like their Tom Kha Kai and Khao Ohb Nam Liaeb, their Yam Ma Muang taste so fresh. The service was quite good considering it was during peak hours.


Jittlada Thai Cuisine

Pondok Indah Mal 2, 3rd Floor Unit 334B. ph +62(21) 75920867
Senayan City, LG Unit 08B &08C. ph +62(21) 72781396

The Jittlada Royal Thai Cuisine
Jl. Sultan Agung No.10 Jakarta 12980
ph. +62(21) 8296126

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  • Andrian

    dunno why i still prefer the thai rest on Setiabudi One Bldg for Thai food 🙂

  • feryanti

    aku udah lama ke jittlada senci
    awal okt 2007 kl ga salah.
    makanannya enak2
    cuma porsi nya kecil ya, jd agak boros gt 🙂
    fav: sop tom yam sama ayam bungkus pandan

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