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April 23, 2011 | Central jakarta, Chicken/Beef/Mutton, International Cuisine, JAKARTA, No Pork

Last week, I decided to have lunch at Joni Steak despite several not-so-good reviews I’ve heard about this place. It was about 2PM when I entered the restaurant at Jl. Gajah Mada. The place is spacious, but not fancy (no problem for me since I came for the food). After scanning the menu, I asked the waitress about the recommended menu. She then informed me that their specialties that day was Secondary cut wagyu for only 50K. I was interested, so I ordered it with mushroom sauce. To my surprise, the dish came very fast, about 5-10 mnt after I ordered it. Shouldn’t it take some time to prepare and grill the steak? The presentation was not very convincing. The potato wedges looked shriveled and the accompanying veggies are cold. But worst of all, even the steak was cold. Although the steak was quite large, it was heavily marinated, so the dominant taste was sweet, not the real meat juice/flavor. The mushroom sauce was just so so. Overall, I think this is my first and last visit. IMO Joni Steak still has much to improve before it can be compared to Holycow Steak. 🙁

Joni Steak

The Real Taste of Australia and New Zealand

Jl. Samanhudi no.65 Pasar Baru, Central Jakarta. Ph/Fx: +62(21) 3500691, 92949404
Jl. Gajah Mada no.91, Central Jakarta. Ph. +62(21) 91882500

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  • V

    I’m curious: why is it called ‘secondary cut’?

  • admin

    No ideas, maybe it’s a cheaper cut ? 🙂

  • pooh

    secondary cut is a general term referring to any cuts other than the primes (sirloin, tenderloin, ribeye), ranging from rump, flanks, eyerounds, etc.
    but offering it in the menu as ‘secondary cut’ is really weird, you wont know what cut you would get :/

  • Chantalle@Maiplay

    Your photography makes the dish look rather good! Too bad it’s disappointing. I miss having a good steak. I didn’t have a chance to hit up my favorite steakhouse in LA before I left the US.

  • (at)danieldeka

    They definitely pre-grilled all the meats first, so they save time. The same goes with my “import” rib-eye. 3 minutes waiting and it’s all served. Cold both the steak and vegetables, and i doubt it was “imported”. It’s all chewy! Well, price pays the quality, dont they? I will go back jen, only if I’m craving for s0-called steak, but got no money hahahahaha

  • Flona Hakim

    yeah i was about to comment, your photo skill is very good, it looks very delicious though, doesn’t match your description…

  • Heidy Crystal

    Hi Jen, if you want to taste the Real Joni Steak, you have to go to Jl. Samanhudi (near pasar baru).
    because the taste is 180 degree different & so so so much tastier (event their name are the same). because at Gajah Mada, Joni Steak just deliver the raw meat & not the staff.

  • Jacqueline

    How can you compare jonisteak with holy cow? The price range is way different. The cheapest steak at holy cow is idr 125000 meanwhileat jonisteak the cheapest is about idr 45000. They’re playing at a different league. Of course holy cow is a bit better because their price is also higher.. But for a cheap price of idr 45000-60000, i would say that i’m satisfied with jonisteak.

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