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October 28, 2011 | Central jakarta, Closed, JAKARTA, Japanese & Korean Cuisine, With Pork


This is an overdue review as we visited the restaurant back in September. Kado++ is a Japanese restaurant specializing in Kushiyaki/Yakitori. From what I’ve heard, it’s run by the same group that manages Aro Aroy & Sakana in Mid Plaza. The interior at this place is quite nice albeit a bit dark. They got a warm and rustic atmosphere with exposed brick walls and wooden bookshelves. The place is divided in two different seating areas by a glass covered kitchen: the smoking and non smoking area. Naturally, we chose to sit at the non smoking area.

  • kado-gomoku-kamameshi
  • kado-ishikari-soup
  • kado-takoyaki

After scanning the menu, we found out they also have Kamameshi (traditional Japanese rice dish cooked in an iron pot) with various toppings, so we ordered a gomoku kamameshi (chicken and vegetables kamameshi) 65K and Ishikari soup (salmon & vegetables soup originating from Ishikari, Hokkaido) 40K to share. The soup came first, the portion is moderate, enough for the starter. The taste was subtle and delicate, the fish and vegetables were fresh. We love it. Then came the kamameshi. It looked quite promising and the chicken was delicious, but then we found out that either the carrot or the baby corn was starting to go bad. We informed the restaurant manager and he checked with the kitchen, then came back and apologized profusely. He also offered us a portion of complimentary takoyaki. It was quite surprising since in Jakarta, even upscale restaurants can often be quite defensive when dealing with such criticism. Their service have definitely won us over and we’ll be back someday.

Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
West Mall Level 3A
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1
Central Jakarta
ph. +62 21 23581871

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  • Lala

    love your reviews!!…very inspiring!.. looking forward for more. =)

  • maria

    yup,nice place, great food,great service.

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