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November 14, 2010 | Bali, Cakes, Bread & Dessert, International Cuisine

From Hana, we walked around and found a place called Kafe Moka. I remembered having read about this place on Detik Food, saying that the place serves a delicious sheperd’s pie. So, we went in to try the pie, but after a second thought, decided to just order a lighter dish. The cakes and bread arrayed at the counter ddin’t make it easy for us. They were all very appealing and I want almost everything. Finally, I decided on the spinach and feta quiche 22K, while SC decided to try some of the mini cakes such as raspberry tart 8K, lemon tart 8K, tiramisu 8K, black truffles 6K and blackforest 8K. They were so delicious that we promised ourself to return again before we leave Bali.

Spinach Quiche

Several days later, we were back for breakfast. This time, I ordered a portion of charcuterie 29K while SC ordered an apple pie 18K, almond sacristain (a spiral shaped puff pastry with almonds) 14K and pear tart 8K. It was so good and the price was also reasonable, no wonder the place is always packed with tourists during breakfast & lunch time. They have another branch at Ubud area, but when I passed that place it was not as crowded as this one.


PS: One thing I found interesting in Bali is that when you order mineral water, 600 ml is the standard size, while in Jakarta, it’s closer to 330 ml. I ordered a “large” mineral water in Cafe Moka hoping to get the 600 ml and instead, was presented with the 1,5 liter plastic bottle.

Café Moka
Jl. Raya Seminyak – Kuta
ph. +62(361) 731 424

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