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November 7, 2006 | Central jakarta, International Cuisine, Italian Cuisine, JAKARTA, Western Cuisine

Last Ramadhan season, i went to Kafe Pisa to break the fast with some friends. personally I didn’t really interested had dinner in this place, from what I heard this place was famous for their gelato. but since my friends decided to go here, I think its worth to try. The place was so full when I arrived, we got seated inside the cafe and were given 2 menu : 1 for the meal & one for the gelato. this place served mainly Italian cuisine such as pasta, pizza, but I saw there’s also several selection of asian cuisine (ayam rica, sop buntut, several types of fried rice, bakmi, & teriyaki). After a while we ordered : insalata primavera (tuna salad) 29.5K, Penne Pazze (penne pasta with chicken in creamy mozarella sauce) 35.5 and for drink i ordered ‘tomato juice ala Italia’ 19.5. after that we studied the gelato list. it was so tempting we can’t help to order 2 type of gelato. Overal the meal good, very generous portion, the gelato was superb. I guess I’ll be back for the gelato 🙂

kafe pisa

Kafe Pisa
Jl. Gereja Theresia No.1
Jakarta Pusat 10350

ph. +62(21) 392 8568, 3100149/151
fx. +62(21) 315 2729

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  • herlina

    Kalo gue sih suka Pizza Telurnya, enggak ada di tempat lain. Rasanya yummy.

  • sopjagung

    pizza yang ada telur ceplok ya? Di Pizza Marzano ada tuh 😀


    Tapi enak enggak di PM, kalo di sini sih udah sip punya rasanya.

  • jenz

    beberapa kali ke pizza marzano sih ngga pernah ketjewa.
    btw pizza di kafe pizza tuh yang versinya doughnya tebel kaya pizza hut atau yg tipis?
    kalo menurut gw sih pisa kafe mah yang enak gelatonya doang.. yang laen juga lumayan sih.. tapi ngga sampe die die must try 🙂

  • herlina

    Kalo pizza di KP sih tebel tipis ada, emang sih yg enak cuma pizza ini doang, he he, yg lainnya sih not recommended deh.

  • ijoel

    Hai again Jenz…u should try the calamary..delicious banget..Veal Parmigiana nya jg enak..and u should come on monday evening, sambil dinner band nya keren

  • venny

    Iya Jen, kalo gue kemari cuma untuk gelatonya sih. Makanannya gak terlalu asik. Favorit gue yg coklat sama tiramisu. Biasanya pergi pas minggu sore, jam 3-an, makannya di luar di bawah puun sambil ngeliat mereka siap2 untuk malam ato people watching org2 yg ke gereja. :D.

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