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April 11, 2008 | Chinese Cuisine, CUISINE, JAKARTA, West Jakarta

Last month I bought a new book by Laksmi Pamuntjak called Jakarta Good Food Guide 2008-2009, it consist of about 400 eateries from all over the place in Jakarta. One of the place recommended by this book was this sapo restaurant called Kamseng, served all kind of congee 24 hours. The congee selection include : beef, all kind of pork offal, squid, fish, chicken, Guangzhou – Beijing – Shanghai – Taiwan Special, saklon, seafood, prawn, meatball, eel, 3 flavor, crab and plain. Since we’re still a bit full from nasi goreng, we only ordered the eel congee 24K with telur phitan 5.5K. The meal came in a hot sapo pot, the congee was very tasty but the texture was too fine. Usually I didn’t like this kind of congee but this one can makes me scrape the bottom of the bowl. later I found out that we can choose a coarse type of congee. With this price plus it was much2 more delicious than the famous congee next door, we surely will be back. 🙂

bubur sapo kamseng

Kamseng Restaurant
Bubur Sapo

Jl. Mangga Besar I No.26
West Jakarta
+62(21) 6492319, 70766958 ()

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  • dee

    hi jen,dah coba bubur sapo bun ong yg di kelapa gading? menurut gw si itu lumayan enak juga

  • jenz

    duh.. bubur sapo bun ong sih udah pernah coba, tapi terus terang gw ngga suka bgt ama tekstur buburnya yang kaya lem. kalo di bun ong gw lebih suka chasiu babi madunya.

  • Venny

    Wah! Keluar lagi buku itu yah? Gue pengen punya sih, karena gue suka baca tulisan dia dan bisa belajar banyak tentang gimana caranya nulis soal makanan :p

  • dee

    oo.. ya selera lah ya.tapi gw setuju emang chasiunya enak..bubur dimana lg yg enak ya?

  • jenyana

    Jen, dah pernah coba bubur mangga besar yg tempatnya kira2 3 ruko sebelah kamseng lom? Itu jg enak loh.. Apalagi tahu kecap nya dan acar nya itu. Buburnya jg wangi dgn macam2 isi. Yg ini lebih tradisional drpd kamseng. Cobain d

  • Joanne Fennessy

    Hi Jenz,
    I don’t mean to insult or anything in that nature, judging from your comment on food, you must be food fanatics. It seems you eat all kind of food. God bless you. Btw, you should post your picture on this site so your readers can know how you look like instead just imagining how you really look like.

  • sopjagung

    Yes, I’m sure you don’t mean to insult, but hey, condescension is still condescension and a picture is irrelevant. If she were huge, would it gives more weight (pun intended) to her reviews?

  • Gid

    Yep, I’m agree with sopjagung. I think all of us is food fanatics, or we will be no longer live… kekekekek…

  • JustAnotherFoodLover

    In my humble opinion, no bubur (chinese-style) can beat the one at Yammie. It is located within the same hood. Try the fish congee and you’ll be back. At least I always do.

  • bea

    it’s my fav. Better than Bun Ong..

  • nanas

    jenz, udh pernah nyoba bubur kwangtung yg di pecenongan blom? Mnurut gw itu jg lumayan loh.

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