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December 11, 2017 | INDONESIAN CUISINE, JAKARTA, No Pork, Tangerang

For the past few months, whenever we passed Alam Sutera area, I’ve been noticing a building with a unique design that looked like rows & rows of solid woods hanging on the ceiling. At first I thought it’s a furniture store called Ethnicraft, but it turned out that the space also serves as a restaurant called KayuKayu managed by Kosenda Hotel. This got me interested since I like the place design and I like the food at Waha Kitchen (read the review HERE) another restaurant that is also managed by Kosenda Hotel.

On our first attempt, we arrived right in the middle of the lunch hour rush and found the limited parking space to be fully occupied. The security guards suggested that we park in the shophouses parking area next door, but it was scorching hot outside and SC was getting cranky, so we decided to go someplace else for lunch. A week later, we took a wrong turn and ended up exiting in Alam Sutera instead of Gading Serpong, so we decided to go to KayuKayu for an early lunch and this time we can park easily. Yay!

KayuKayu Restaurant occupies a two-story building with a grand stairs in the middle of the room that is “oh so so instagrammable”. The second floor is still empty, but I’m guessing it can be reserved for weddings / events. The dining area is spacious and well-designed, with a coffee shop called 127 Cafe (similar to the one at Kosenda Hotel Wahid Hasyim) perched at the front of the place.

KayuKayu Restaurant menu consists of selections of Indonesian dishes that can be shared, divided into several sections: appetizer, noodle & rice, K2 signature to share, satay, vegetables and dessert. On our first visit, we decided to order nasi goreng kambing (lamb chop fried rice) 68K and tumis jantung pisang (stirred fried banana flower and chili) 36K. We also ordered sate lilit ayam

We waited for quite a while for our orders to arrive, unfortunately they somehow missed our sate lilit order, so at the end we only have lamb fried rice and tumis jantung pisang to share. The fried rice was actually quite good although it was too mild for my palate but it suited SC who can’t eat spicy food, and the tumis jantung pisang was also good. We decided to return later to try their other dishes.

  • kayu-kayu-gurame-bakar-sambel-matah
  • kayu-kayu-nasi-goreng-kambing
  • kayu-kayu-sate-maranggi
  • kayu-kayu-teh-selasih-pandan
  • kayu-kayu-sambal-goreng-pete
  • kayu-kayu-tahu-telor
  • kayu-kayu-tumis-jantung-pisang

A month later, we went back to KayuKayu with a foodie friend. This time we ordered tahu telor 28K, bandeng bakar sambal matah 98K, sate maranggi 68K and sambal goreng pete 36K to share. This time it took even longer for our dishes to arrive. Perhaps this is because we arrived during lunch hour, but our dishes arrived cold to our table, like they have been sitting for a while in the kitchen. The satays were served with a small griller, but there is no charcoal inside to keep them warm. When we inquired, they said this is their SOP to serve the satays. Overall this time, the dishes tasted just OK for me, too mild and served cold. Although I like the design of the place, I will give it some time before even thinking of returning.

KayuKayu Restaurant
Jalan Jalur Sutera kav 28a
Alam Sutera, Tangerang 15325

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