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September 25, 2006 | INDONESIAN CUISINE

Several weeks ago, I have lunch at a place called “Kedai Pawon Sae” located at Apartemen Gading Residence – Kelapa Gading. This place was a small restaurant serving a wide array of Javanese food. When I read the menu, I found that they also served “Nasi Bali” marked with * as a sign of their favorite item. So we ordered : Nasi Bali (nasi gurih, ayam suir bumbu Bali, tumis kari kacang panjang, dendeng sapi balado, kering tempe, kacang & telur pindang)16K, Nasi Udang Selera (nasi gurih, daging empal asam manis, udang goreng selera, serundeng, sambal bawang)17K, Nasi Liwet (nasi gurih, opor ayam, tempe & tahu bacem, sayur labu siyem, areh telur, tim telur, krecek & kacang merah, telur pindang)15K, Nasi Bogana (nasi gurih, sambal goreng, tempe kacang panjang, ayam kari suir, dendeng Age, sambal goreng rempela ati, telur pindang) 15K. At first I want to order Nasi Bali complete with Sate Lilit & Sambal Matah (20K) but then the waiter said that they didn’t have Sate Lilit at that time, and he didn’t even know what is Sambal Matah 🙁 when our order came, I noticed that all our order looks almost the same. They must have mixed & matched the ingredients. The “Nasi Bali” was not the same as I expect it should be. The taste was alright, although a little too sweet for my taste, but if you like Javanese food, you should gave it a try.

Pawon Sae

Kedai Pawon Sae
Apartemen Gading Mediterania Residences Tower A Ruko 002
Jl. Boulevard Bukit Gading Raya
Jakarta 14240

Ph. +62(21) 3004 2028
Fax. +62(21) 3004 1290

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