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July 27, 2007 | Bandung, Beverages, Cakes, Bread & Dessert

From BumiSangkuriang, we moved to Kedai Teko for a cup of tea. I always like this place, it was so homy, surrounded by trees, i could spend hours here doing nothing 🙂 Since we were still full from what we had at lunch time, we only ordered a pot of chi to share. chi actually is what we knew as Masala Chai (Indian spices tea). The pot came with 2 small cup and a bamboo strainer, when I open the pot I saw various of spices like : cardamon, cloves, cinammon, ginger & star anise at the bottom of the pot, the tea already mixed with milk. After a while we pour the tea and putting the strainer on top of the cup to prevent the inggredients fall to the cup. and the tea taste so delicious, I can tell that this is the most delisious chi I ever tasted 🙂 We still want to go back there some other time to try their Poffertjes, tiramisu & home made ravioli.


Kedai Teko
Jl. Neglasari No.4 Ciumbuleuit
Bandung 40142
ph. +62(22) 2034550

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  • angga

    mmm… keliatannya ok banget ya??? sayang banget di jakarta enggak ada tempat2 kayak gitu ya… atau di jakarta ada tempat yang kayak gini juga?

  • LaRiZ

    one of my fave places to relax =) u must try the poffertjes- it’s sooo good! but i think the main courses are bad..

  • Arie uhuy

    Jenz, for me their Chi (Masala Chai) Tea is too weak, not enough spices use in this warm concotion

  • sopjagung

    Too weak? Everything I’ve tried in Jakarta so far is weaker than Teko’s concoction. Any idea where I can get a proper Masala Chai here? Di rumah loe ya, Yie? :))

  • ree

    waw terimakasih info-nya, pulang kampung gue langsung kesana. visit me if you love coffee too. tuengs.

  • ciciet

    setuju banget sama jenz..
    emang di teko nih suasananya homy banget, dikelilingin sama pohon2 didaerah ciumbuleuit sana..sejuk..
    klo gw sih seneng pesen Poffertjes-nya..
    apalagi waktu itu datengnya sama temen2 smp sekalian reunian-cerita2..mmhh pokonya enakbanget dijamin betah deh….

  • melly

    love teko so much. sit there for hours, order chi after chi! as long as you don’t bring empty stomach

  • maria

    hi jenz, love ur blog 😉 btw, kedai teko buka setiap hari ndak ya? dan buka dr pagi? rencana hr minggu ni mau main ke bdg, mau mampir..

  • sopjagung

    Hehehehe, telpon aja kalo mau pasti di atas kan ada nomornya. Pengalaman gue sih hari Minggu dia buka, cuma gue berkunjung ke sananya jam 1 siang, jadi gak tahu deh bukanya dari jam brapa.

  • Xiu feng

    yup, definately must try…
    it’s tasty & also gave warm feelings…
    v(^ – ^)v

  • Alec

    I went there a few months back,
    tried to call them to ask for directions, nobody picked up.
    I gave up after the 10th call.
    Decided to go there anyway….
    No one was there when I arrived.
    Ordered the chi tea,… mmm warm n spicy… yummm… 🙂
    I then ordered the ravioli… totally not recommended.
    the pasta felt kinda “old” like it’s been frozen for quite some time,
    the sauce, too icky sticky.
    I also ordered the omelette,
    Well, it was kinda like a thick simple “telor dadar goreng”, on a wooden board.
    Cushions n furnitures are kinda old.
    And beware, I was there around 5-6pm, and the mosquitos were attacking us. hohohoho
    When I left there was a couple just arriving.
    The highlight of the day ?
    The chi 🙂
    PS. If you’re looking to make your own Masala tea, try going to an Indian supermarket around Sunter.
    They come ready to drink in sachets or you can buy only the spice powder and you can add your own tea n milk n sugar.

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