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January 3, 2007 | INDONESIAN CUISINE

2 weeks ago we had our christmas lunch at “Kembang Goela” restaurant, in my opinion this place was one of the most well designed restaurant i’ve ever been to 🙂 the dining room was designed in colonial style, it feels warm & cozy, the meal was simply delicious although a bit pricey. serves Indonesian – Dutch “peranakan” cuisine.
Kembang Goela

So we started with ordering appetizer : “sosis om yance” (1 meter of boiled chicken sausage) 20K, “Loempia Semarang” (spring roll with shrimp, bamboo shoots & green onion served with special sauce & pickles) 20K, “Loempia Sayoer” (fried spring roll served with vegetables and tofu) 25K, bitterballen (deep fried cheese and potato balls served with home-made mustard) 35K.

The drinks list was quite unique, such as : “Es Pariyangan” (made from stroep blewah, kelapa & cincau) 25K, “Es Asmara” (made from mango & Pamelo) 25K, “Djoewita Malam”, “Selendang Sutra”, “Djoes Kemuning”, “Es Jangan ditanya” (blended pineapple, mango, yoghurt, lime and honey) 25K, “Es Peyeumpuan”, “Es Bendera” (blended sirsak, lime pineapple & pink guava) 25K, “Es Londo Kangen” etc… etc.

For main course we ordered : “Nasi Pandan Wangi” (rice steamed with coconut milk served with fried chicken, peanut, chili sauce, sliced omelet, sauteed red chili, fried shallots, teri kacang & melinjo crackers), “Nasi Langi Lima Serangkai” ( fragrant steamed rice served with fried shrimp and Savory empal meat), Nasi Goreng Si Pitoeng”, “Nasi Jembatan Merah”, “Sop Asem Asem Iga”, “Rendang Uni Ida”, “Sate Ayam”, “Sop Buntut”. At last for dessert we ordered : “Poffertjes van Oranje” (Dutch-style waffles served with strawberry and chocolate sauce and sprinkled with powder sugar) 25K, “Tape Goreng”, and “Pisang Bakar Kembang Goela”

Kembang Goela

Kembang Goela
Plaza Sentral, Parking Lot
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 47-48
Jakarta 12930
ph. +62(21) 520 5651 – 5205625
fax. +62(21) 520 5631
open 11.00 AM – 11.00 PM

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  • Reza

    Jenz, u forgot the prices for the main courses and how did they taste? which drink was the best?

  • tjing2

    I think this restaurant win the ambience point above the food..bit pricey, some of the food u may find easily @hawker/food street stall ;p..with much better taste too!…i like the place since the pianist there really entertained us while eating, (Thanks to Mr. Helmi!) he really got what our fave’s song…last tym i tried asinan jakarta (or betawi?..), lumpia semarang (so skinny heh…but taste gud..tat’s my dad’s comment, compared to original Semarang springroll ;), the tahu telur so-so..ginger ronde here not so good, i’d prefer @Pluit hawker (beside Eaton bakery)..they serve good ronde, sekoteng, bean curd, also light meal such as zuppa soup, roti bakar, siomay, baso tahu, etc..

  • jenz

    sorry Rez, I didn’t hold the receipt but the main courses were about 50K (more or less). overall it was good, I like “sop asem asem iga”, “rendang uni ida” tasted a bit too sweet for my taste (still prefer the one from warung kapau/padang).

  • Reza

    Thanks guys. Really appreciate the quick responses. 🙂

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