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April 24, 2009 | Betawi Cuisine, Central jakarta, INDONESIAN CUISINE, JAKARTA, Kaki Lima

After a less than satisfying dinner at Seribu Rasa, we went to Menteng area to try other food. We had a short stop at Marzano for their baked mushroom with cheese. Sadly, what we’ve gotten was a bitter, watery cheese poured over limp mushroom. It’s the worst baked mushroom I’ve ever tasted. We then crossed the street and found a Kerak Telor seller, which is highly recommended by a foodie friend. Kerak telor is a traditional Betawi snack that has been marginalized in recent years and become quite hard to find in Jakarta. It consists of sticky rice, eggs (duck/chicken egg), kelapa sangrai (toasted grated coconut), ebi (fried and salted prawn), fried shallot, plus some spices. The surest way to find kerak telor sellers is during June – July in a yearly Jakarta Fair festivities at Kemayoran. So, we ordered a portion and watched the seller made this unique dish. The kerak telor he made tasted very different from other kerak telors I’ve tried. It was delicious and savory from the generous topping, a combination of sweet, salty & spicy (depending on how much chili you’ve specified for the dish). I’ll be back 🙂
Kerak Telor Menteng

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  • Jiewa

    Pakai telur bebek yah ? Kalo ke Jkt selalu ga nemu ini.. hix 🙁

  • Rani

    Di mana di menteng lokasinya persisnya?

  • zee

    I love the pictures. Feels homey and bring back old memories when I used to eat that.

  • sopjagung

    @Rani: Tepat di depan Gandy’s Steak 😀

  • fennypurnawan

    The best kerak telor in Jakarta. Bapak ini juga pernah diundang berjualan di Resto Oasis.

  • chiquita

    si bapaknya ini ramah juga lho jen
    waktu itu gue sempet ngerokok bareng sambil ngobrol sama dia

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