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May 31, 2011 | Closed, International Cuisine, JAKARTA, South Jakarta, With Pork

Last weekend, we went to Gandaria City to visit “Jelajah Kuliner Nusantara” event, part of Kompas Women Fiesta held from 27-29 May. Before that though, SC & I had lunch at a place called Kerri Yakiboy, casual pork ribs that has a unique tagline “Pork eaters are better lovers”. The place is not big, decorated in simple white and red color. Kerri Yakiboy’s menu is quite compact, but all menu contain pork. Their signature dish is grilled baby back ribs 180K, quite expensive compared to Bebi Dogen or Warung Nuri’s. Since I still wanted to savor more dish at “Jelajah Kuliner Nusantara” later, we only ordered Triple Lovers (a mix of baby back ribs, beef fillets and streaky bacon) 62K to share. The portion was quite big and served with mayonnaise salad and cheesy fries. The taste was delicious. I loved the fries, the ribs was tender and juicy, the streaky bacon crispy, but the beef fillet was a bit tough. The BBQ sauce was great with tangy and sweet taste, and hints of black pepper.

Triple Lovers Kerri Yakiboy

Overall, I was quite satisfied with this place. I wanted to visit again to try their other menu, such as the Japanese pork stew 24K. However, later on, a guest 2 tables down from us started smoking. I asked the waiter about it and she replied that they only allow smoking when the restaurant is not full, then she asked me whether I wanted to smoke. 🙁 Why can’t restaurants be more explicit about their smoking policies?

Kerry Yakiboy
Gandaria City 2nd Floor
South Jakarta

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  • Leony

    Geez… another disappointment due to lack of strict smoking policies. Btw, Jen, I realized that lately, your posts are mostly about pork ribs… hehe. Nyum!

  • Andy

    Just wanna say this place is already closed …. (visit Gandaria City last week and the place already covered with the white partition box

    have to say it’s not a good idea selling pork in that area, quite surprised that they survived quite long, anyway my last meal there was about 3-4 months ago, and i find most of the food were dry…. sign of food that has been frozen for quite a long time… so most of the food i taste there was quite tasteless… (very different when i was there for the first time, so yummy..)

  • Jenz

    @Andy Thanks for the information

  • Rose

    My family loves the pork ribs in Kerri Yakiboy. It’s a pity they already closed the resto. I hope they will open again soon. Please inform me when any of you know that they are in business again. Thank you.

  • Henry

    Looks like most restaurants that serve pork on that mall had closed. The one that survive is Tony Romas

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