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February 27, 2008 | Central jakarta, JAKARTA, Japanese & Korean Cuisine

After reading the article on Kompas, Last week we visited a place called Kikugawa, maybe this is the oldest Japanese restaurant in Jakarta (open since 1969). I like the entrance of this place, it looks like a mini Japanese garden. The restaurant was decorated in a simple and humble Japanese style, dimly lit lighting created a warm ambience, with red covered table and bamboo chair. Japanese intrumental music was playing in the background.

After studying the menu, we decided to order : Kiku Set (consist of sashimi, tempura, sukiyaki & yakitori served with gohan and miso soup) 58K and Oyako Donburi (served with miso shiru and salad)35K, Ogura ice cream 15K with green tea (refill) 12K. To be honest, the oyakodon was only so so, they put too much spring onion in the egg batter, and the taste was a bit bland. The Kiku Set was OK, although the tuna sashimi portion was too small, but I like the yakiniku & tempura. After the meal, they served us a plate of sliced apple. Overall the service was good, the price was very reasonable, but there’s no separation between smoking & non smoking area.

According to the guess sitting on the table next to us, They already came last Saturday night but couldn’t get a table. the place was so crowded because everyone want to try what they read at Kompas 🙂


Japanese Restaurant

since 1969
Jl. Cikini IV – 13
Jakarta Indonesia
ph. +62(21) 3150668
11:30-15:00 (last order 14:30)
17:30-22:00 (last order 21:30)
holiday: sunday and national holiday

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  • Fenny

    watermark-nya bagus, jen.
    ada aja idenya 🙂

  • Leony

    Hi Jen,
    I’ve been reading your weblog for a while since I googled one of the restaurants that you reviewed in your weblog, and I like your style because reviewed from many sides of a restaurant, from the price (yes, I like it because you put the price on most items), the ambience, and the taste.
    For sure I’ll try Kikugawa (I read the article on Kompas too), but probably I should wait for another week or two (since you said people are in line to try the resto).
    Thanks for many good restaurant reviews !

  • Michelle

    Gw abis baca Kompas juga pengen langsung meluncur ke sana…(tapi batal sih, lum kesampean)
    Bagus juga sih yah, abis dimuat di Kompas langsung dulu sminggu bisa 5 kali ke daerah Cikini tapi sampe sekarang gw lum ngeh sama Kikugawa ini…
    TFS Jenz

  • Venny

    Harganya bagus banget yah Jen, terutama yg Kiku set.

  • Satya

    masih ada?? waaa tempat favorit masa kecil. dulu harus ke sini, sekarang sih restoran jepang udah umum. jadi mau lagi untuk nostalgia.

  • Valie

    Tempat dan makanannya enak buanget. Enak degh buat yang pacaran

  • lotta

    been here last week…
    really love the vintage japanese interior..especially the graphics…
    the food was good..not too special tho..and you must really try the ogura ice cream, it was nice.
    we had the unagi set and the beef cutlet curry, the curry was too thick, but the beef was nice and tender..think i’ll be back,considering the authentic atmosphere and the reasonable price, but i still prefer midori anyway 🙂

  • eko

    Been to Kikugawa since I was young (circa 2001). The Kiku set always a pleasure…this sure brings back memories

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