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May 18, 2008 | Central jakarta, CUISINE, JAKARTA, Thai & Vietnam Cuisine

Last month, while waiting for SC at Plasa Indonesia EX’nter, I had a quick lunch at a place called King Of Thai, The place is not big and it was crowded at lunch time. I have to wait to get a table at non smoking section. I ordered their Pad Thai 35K and a pot of hot lemon tea. Actually I did not expect much from this place, but surprisingly, I found the pad thai to be quite delicious. The portion was also moderate. The desert looked tempting, too bad I was alone so I didn’t dare to order it. I was afraid I couldn’t finish it.
King Of Thai

King of Thai
Plaza Indonesia – EX’nter, Jakarta, ph. +62(21)3146086
Jayakarta – The Food Place, Jakarta, ph. +62(21) 6391214
Senayan City – Jakarta, ph. +62(21) 72781444
MKG – SOGO, The Food Hall, Jakarta, ph. 452 4958

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  • Leony

    Hi Jen,
    Last Wednesday, I also had my lunch there, and surprisingly, everything was great. The mango salad was tasty, the appetizer sampler was also good, and they served it with two kinds of sauce. And the last one that I ordered which is the beef noodle (you can pick the type of noodles that you want, I chose wide noodles) was really refreshing! They put lots of beansprouts and ongchoy (kangkung) inside the soup. The portion was huge and fulfilling.

  • Alin

    Jen, tom yamnya juga yahud deh….pas buat lidah gw yg suka pedes dan asem…:))

  • dian

    Green curry-nya juga lumayan kok.. Porsinya rada kecil sih. Mengenyangkan utk 1, pas utk ber-2 (asal gak lapar2 amat).. Pedas & gurih! And i agree with you, jenz.. Pad Thainya surprisingly enak!

  • dz

    You guys should try their Pad See Iew, I believe they are the best in town! very authentic Pad See Iew!

  • SL

    I used to love the food served in King of Thai. However, it kinda goes down hill with time. I guessed because the chef had been changed couple times and it did not sustained the previous great standard they had. I am really dissappointed by the taste and quality of the food they served now. I hope they’ll find ways to bring up their food standard, quality and taste like before.
    Used to, thy have “the” best phad thai (according to a picky eater like me) and duck soup. Now, all the good Thai food taste very Indonesian.
    Pleaseeee…..if possible, bring back the Thai chef to do quality control!!!

  • patricia

    Td siang kita makan di king of thai ex, bener2 a piece of crap! Thai ice teanya basi, diganti 2x jg masi bgt jg. Ketiga kali br bener. Skrg sy mual2 gara2 thai ice tea td siang. Pad thai nya kayak kwetiaw pinggir jalan. Penyajiannya jijik banget deh, kyk ngasal gitu maen asal ceplok mana gosong gt.. Pad see iew nya bener2 iuhhh masaknya kelembekan dan rasanya asam, kyk udh lama. Mau komplain ga ada manager di tempat. Kyk ga niat buka resto gitu. Padahal sy dulu sering makan di KOT EX, cuma br kali ini sy bener2 kecewa sekali dng pelayanannya. Window jg kotor banget, meja bekas bermiyak2 gitu. Sy makan berasa di pinggir jalan beneran. Panggil pelayannnya, belagak budeg. Akhirnya sy lap2 sendiri. Apalagi sy bawa anak. Bener2 ga direkomen deh king of thai! Sy dikasi nomor telepon manager yg bertanggung jawab, mbak PIKA, yg kata kasirnya saat itu di kelapa gading, 92179792, tetapi sy telepon berkali2 direject kemudian dimatikan teleponnya, benar2 tidak bertanggung jawab! KOT NOT RECCOMENDED at all!!!!

  • V

    Btw teh basi seperti apa rasanya?

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