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May 13, 2011 | Beverages, Central jakarta, Events, JAKARTA

Kisah dan Khasiat Teh Ratna Somantri
Yesterday, I was invited to a tea talkshow and the launching for a book titled “Kisah dan Khasiat Teh” at South Beauty Restaurant, Thamrin Nine – UOB Plaza Building. The book is written by Ratna Somantri who is very passionate about tea. I first knew Ratna years ago when she was one of the people behind Tea Gallery cafe. She’s also the owner of the Pecinta Teh (Tea Lover) mailing list, which holds a tea gathering every month.

Kisah dan Khasiat Teh Ratna Somantri

The book is quite interesting for a tea amateur like me as it contains detailed descriptions about tea, its stories, its health benefits, along with several recipes and tips in preparing teas such as masala chai, vanilla black tea latte, maple tea, moroccan mint tea, apple tea, matcha float, tofu salad with matcha dressing, etc. The book also lists several places to enjoy good quality teas in Jakarta, such as Siang Ming tea shop, Eat & Eat, Huize van Welly, Tea Addict etc. Paired with a very nice food photography by Ariyo Pidekso, and a good paper/print quality, I think the book is really worth it. The tea talk show was also very interesting, with Wiliam Wongso sharing his experiences and several Indonesian tea producers giving their thoughts about the tea industry in Indonesia. The goodybag contains so much tea samples from Sosro, oolong tea from Banten Tea, Sedap Wangi, Java Oolong from Teh 63, several tea sample from Cawan Tea Shop (Mangga Dua Square). Yayyy… 🙂

South Beauty Pastries

The snacks provided by South Beauty Restaurant were great. They served us with a cup of green tea and several pastries, such as spicy chicken flakes on toast, chicken puff, and papaya puff pastry. I have to admit that South Beauty’s papaya puff pastry was truly delicious and a treat for the eyes. The pastry looked very delicate and the filling really felt like it’s melting in my mouth, although strangely, I didn’t taste any papaya flavor in it. I haven’t visited South Beauty yet, but I think I’ll be back soon for more 🙂

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  • V

    Gue pernah coba yg di Shanghai, dessertnya emang lucu2. Ada yg bentuknya satu set kaligrafi: mao bi, kertas, tinta, etc. Tapi inget2, makanannya biasa aja.

    btw, kalo beli chinese tea bagus di Jkt di mana ya? teh 63? Teh di sini ngaco banget 🙁

  • admin

    Klo 63 gw kurang tau..
    Cobain deh ke Siang Ming Tea (skalian makan mie sapi, yuuukkk??), atau cawan @ Mangga Dua Square.
    Kedai Teh Laresolo di Bogor kayanya punya Oolong Bengkulu yg boleh diadu sama teh luar, white teanya juga OK 😀

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