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April 24, 2010 | Cakes, Bread & Dessert, Central jakarta, International Cuisine, JAKARTA


Last night, we were queuing in front of a newly opened restaurant from Ismaya Group. I’ve noticed for months that there’ll going to be a new place called Kitchenette at Plaza Indonesia. I thought it was a houseware/kitchenware store and I was so excited. Turned out that it was a new restaurant. So we decided to try it. The place was quite interesting, it has no walls/glass that separate the restaurant with the mall’s alley. Designed to resembly a warm & cozy kitchen with a real open kitchen that separates the smoking & non-smoking section. It was crowded and no doubt attracted people who passed by this place. After about 10 minutes, we finally got a table at the non-smoking section


The menus (for food and for drinks) were printed in brown paper and glued onto a cardboard paper. I thought it was very creative. The menu consists of salad & soup, pasta, and various main courses. Their specialties however are savoury galettes (French style savoury crêpes made from buckwheat flour) & sweet crêpes. So we ordered one of their recommended dishes from the galettes section: Arnaud (galette topped with mini beef hamburgs, fried egg, dijon mustard sauce, Swiss cheese and caramelized grilled onion) 69K. They also offer a galette combo with our choice of soup for an additional 19K (ala carte price for the soup 35K), so we chose Spanish tomato soup with poached egg to accompany the galette. For the beverage, I went with the waitress’ recommendation: Grandma Stella’s fresh fruit elixir (mango & orange juice plus soda) 35K. The galette came first, then the elixir and tomato soup. All of them tasted very good. The galette was surprisingly very fulfilling. I love the caramelized onion and the beef. The mango & orange juice tasted very refreshing, with no hints of artificial flavoring and wasn’t too sweet. The soup was also very satisfying. Too bad we felt very full afterwards, so we decided to skip dessert and save it for the next visit.:)

restaurant – crêperie

Plaza Indonesia Extension 1st Floor
Jl. MH. Thamrin Kav 28-30
Jakarta 10350
ph. +62(21) 2992 3580

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  • leo

    wah maen 3d yah sekarang Jen? hahaha itu reflectionnya ke lantai kurang :p

  • jenz

    hehehe.. iseng aja sih 😛 ntar deh klo sempet gw benerin

  • Daniel Prawira

    U should try their Awesome Hot Chocolate and their addictive Red Velvet Cupcake… Gosh its so GOOD jenz! Can’t get enuf of the cupcake…

  • Daniel Prawira

    Oya also try the lychee elixir with tea its taste good and had unique aroma

  • jenz

    I went back to Kitchenette last night after the movie. We already had dinner at pizza e birra, so I wanted to have some desserts: red velvet cupcake, parisian molten chocolate cake, and lychee fruit elixir. Turned out their red velvet cupcakes were sold out. The elixir came first, it was great, but I liked the mango & orange elixir better. We waited for some time before the molten chocolate cake came. I thought, fine, they needed to bake it first. But I was so disappointed when I found out that the cake was not hot. It wasn’t even warm! When I asked about it, the waitress explained that the cake was served cold to preserve its shape, but the shape wasn’t that great either.

  • V

    Jgn2 kuenya jatuh wkt dibawa Jen :D. Trus balikin lagi ke piring, jadi rada2 penyok.

  • Daniel Prawira

    Lol…so its still a mystery til now whaddahell happen 2 ur molten choco cake jenz? Just had their cornflakes eclair and strawberry cheesecake…tastes quite good. Still craving 4 the cupcake though… Ga kebagian mulu akir2 ini.

  • dinosh

    red velvet cupcakenya dari seradella patisserie.
    Emang top bgt.n harganya 25rb/each
    Last time they had a booth on brightspot di pacific place
    btw the lemon juice is superb~freshly squeezed

  • Daniel Prawira

    Thx Dinosh, just ordered a dozen of their red velvet cupcakes. Sedikit lbh murah dr kitchenette hrgnya. And they can deliver 2. With good packaging and boxes.

  • Ko

    to be honest, I dont like the food in Kitchenette. Ismaya is very good with restaurant design decor, but they’re not really that great in terms of food taste (incl. Dragonfly, Sushigroove). a factor that needs to be improved.

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