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March 24, 2009 | Beverages, Medan

On our way to Toba Lake, we stopped by a local coffee shop at Siantar city called Kok Tong for a cup of coffee and tea. The place was full of locals having their coffee and smoking, but we had no choice and we choose to sit as far away from the smokers. We ordered a cup of black coffee, milk tea, teh talua (egg tea), half boiled egg and srikaya toast. I’m not a coffee drinker so I can’t comment on the coffee, but it seems that my father & brother enjoyed it. They gave each of us a glass of plain water to accompany our drinks. I like my egg tea. It was sweet and savory. The toast was simple but delicious. Kok Tong sells their coffee under the name “bubuk kopi massa Kok Tong”. They also have branches in Medan. 🙂

Kok  Tong

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  • zee

    Telurnya utuh atau cuma kuningnya aja Jen ? Mentah2 diaduk sama tehnya ?

  • Jenz

    iya telur ayam kampung utuh mentah2 diaduk sama tehnya. enak kok.. ngga ada rasa mentah sama sekali. Biasanya di Rumah Makan Padang otentik ada teh ini.

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