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December 16, 2016 | INDONESIAN CUISINE, Tangerang


Last month, SC showed me a group pic of his friends hanging out at a place called Kong Djie Coffee Belitung. Turned out it is a newly opened coffee shop at Gading Serpong area. I was interested and suggested we went there for breakfast on weekday. Kong Djie Coffee is located on at Ruko Gadget. It was quite busy that morning and we noticed that there is an ashtray on every table, so this place is definitely a smoking place. Thankfully, most of the patrons were non-smokers at that moment. We decided to have a quick breakfast and moving on to another place.


A famous noodle from Belitung, mie belitung atep 20K, is apparently sold here so we ordered that along with nasi tim 20K and their kopi susu. The noodle arrived with a very nice plating, served on a piece of leaf that was brought directly from Belitung. It was served with thick prawn broth and tasted quite good as it reminded me of Medanese’s “emie”, only the broth is not as thick/rich. Their nasi tim was also good, not mushy and topped with chunks of chicken meat (not minced). Their kopi susu tasted decent, similar to those usually found in Chinese Kopitiam. After that we also ordered their pisang goreng (banana fritters), which tasted just so so as the banana was not sweet.


I enjoyed their mie belitung and the price is also quiet reasonable, but since it is a smoking place, I don’t see myself returning in the near future.

Kong Djie Coffee Belitung
Ruko Gadget, Blok A No. 63
Gading Serpong, Tangerang
Phone +62(21) 29507088
Opening Hours 7AM-110PM

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  • Jenny

    Hi Jenz, thank you for visiting us. We appreciate your honost review and comment. Will use that to improve our quality of food. If you come back, you can ask to sit on 2nd floor which are smoke free area . Hope to see you again in Kong Djie Gading Serpong.

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