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March 2, 2012 | Beverages, Kaki Lima, Yogyakarta

It was raining non-stop that night in Yogya, but luckily our next destination was not that far from where we stay, located just north of Tugu railway station. The place is called Angkringan Lik Man (or pronounced Lek Man in Javanese dialect). Angkringan is a street food eatery using lampu badai (storm lamp?) as its light source. Angkringan usually serves sego kucing and various accompaniments such as satay, fritters, tahu/tempe bacem, and various beverages such as coffee, tea, wedang jahe etc.

Kopi Joss Angkringan Lek Man

Kopi Joss Anglringan Lek Man

Angkringan Lek Man specialty is Kopi Joss which is coffee served with charcoal. At first we’re not sure whether it’s safe to try the coffee, so we only ate sego kucing with wedang tape (which tasted very good by the way). But our curiosity won and we finally decided to order a small glass of Kopi Joss 2K. So Pak Man (Lek Man) started to make the coffee by pouring coffee from the hot kettle, add an amount of sugar and then, chose the most red colored charcoal from the stove he used to heat the kettle and put it in the glass. The taste was actually not bad at all, it was very tasty and smokey. And it turned out, based from a friend’s (chemistry graduated) description, the bright red charcoal is actually quite hiegenic. And it has the same effect as activated carbon (Norit) which is good to cure indigestion or gastrointestinal trouble.

Kopi Joss Angkringan Lik Man Yogyakarta

Overall, it was quite an experience trying Kopi Joss at Angkringan Lek Man that night, and despite drinking coffee, I slept very well. Hopefully I can be back to try it again whenever I’m in Yogyakarta. 🙂

Angkringan Lek Man
Jl. Wongsodirjan
Yogyakarta 55271

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  • FML

    how interesting … and i thought poo (luwak) kopi is the weirdest! do u remove the charcoal before drinking? nah … i think i feel safer taking activated charcoal tablets instead 😛

  • V

    Interesting…. And sort of makes sense

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