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February 9, 2009 | Bandung, Beverages

We stopped by Selasar Sunaryo that afternoon for coffee & tea. The place is, in fact, an art gallery, but they also have a cafe called Kopi Selasar at their back terrace, complete with a spectacular view of Bandung. They offer a selection of coffee and tea, several snacks and dishes. The atmosphere is much calmer than other cafes around that area. A sign in the cafe asks visitors to read books, chat with friends, or engage in other relaxing activities, except playing chess or cards. A waiter gave us the menu and told us to go straight to the counter if we want to order.
Selasar Sunaryo

So we ordered a pot of tea, hot chocolate drink, a cup of coffee, cinammon banana and lasagna. I forgot how much all those meal cost, but I remembered thinking that the price was quite reasonable. I loved the caramelized cinammon banana. It was so delicious that I almost wanted to lick the plate clean. The tea was OK and my friend liked her chocolate drink. Although the lasagna looked like it came straight from the microwave. Overall, I think this place is worth a visit for the view and for the food.
Selasar Sunaryo

Kopi Selasar
Jl. Bukit Pakar Timur 100
Bandung 40198
West Java – Indonesia
ph. +62(22) 250 7939
fx: +62(22) 251 6508

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  • Andrian

    better check on it next time going to bandung 🙂

  • Benny

    Sejujurnya…w aktu dulu gua kesini… not for the food… but for the place….
    View-nya itu lho… lembah Dago Pakar… juara….

  • didot

    tp gw suka coklatminy nya kok…..

  • yasmine pratiwi harahap

    comfy..nice..warm..good atmosphere…food n beverage with a good taste..

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