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May 10, 2009 | Beverages, Central jakarta, JAKARTA

Kopi Tiam Oey

Last month, we stopped by this newly opened coffee shop owned by Bondan Winarno called Kopi Tiam Oey located on Sabang road (near Holland Bakery). The exterior and interior of this place is very interesting, designed to resemble old peranakan coffee shops. The interior has a warm ambience and the wall is full of chinese vintage posters. The lamp shades are made from sangkar burung covered with a piece of red cloth. It is beautiful, but to be honest, all the real kopitiam I saw back in my home town/other places looked very bland compared to this place. It’s nice to know that Kopi Tiam Oey forbids smoking inside its premise. Only a single table is provided outside for smokers.

Kopi Tiam Oey

The main menu, of course, is a selection of coffee and teas. There are traditional Vietnamese coffee 10K, espresso 12K, cappucino 15K, traditional Vienamese ice coffee 12K, Sicilian iced coffee 12K, teh tjap botol sosro 6K, teh wangi tjap potji 10K, teh tjeloep (cammomile/mint/earl grey/ english breakfast), flavored tea, teh taloea Boekit Tinggi (traditional West Sumatran tea + beaten egg) 12K, wedang oewoeh Imogiri (traditional Javanese herbal tea) 10K etc. There different menus for breakfast/lunch/dinner. Since we were there in the evening, the only available menu was nasi goreng kambing/pete/babat (mutton/stink beans/beef stomach fried rice) 22K, mozarella & roast beef panini 30K and various kinds of toast. We decided to order: teh jahe Salatiga (hot ginger tea) 10K and traditional Moroccan mint tea 10K with corned beef and cheddar cheese toast 14K, and roti taloea boekittinggi (West Sumatran toast served with half boiled egg) 12K. The service was far from speedy, but we didn’t really mind since there are free wifi in the shop. The teas came first after 15 minutes, with the ginger tea having a big slice of ginger in the glass, and then my Morrocan mint tea came in a tea press pot with lots of mint leaves in there. The thing that disappointed me was that they used a tea bag instead of loose tea. I confirmed this with a tea-drinking friend and she said that Morrocan tea should be made with green tea (gun powder) instead of black tea. 🙁 SC’s toast was OK and my toast came in a very attractive presentation, but I found it difficult to eat the toast as the toast and egg were served separately not sandwiched. Overall, I think this place has a lot of potential as long as they can improve the food and service quality.

PS: I’m quite annoyed with the trend of writing menu using ejaan lama. It’s irritatingly showy and adds no value whatsoever to the menu. After all, it’s just a friggin’ menu, not a historical document.

Kopitiam Oey
di Jalan H.A. Salim 18,
Jakarta Pusat
Opening hours: 7AM-10PM

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  • V

    PS: I’m quite annoyed with the trend of writing menu using ejaan lama. It’s irritatingly showy and adds no value whatsoever to the menu. After all, it’s just a friggin’ menu, not a historical document.

    Huahahahhahhaha! I’m glad someone agrees with me. Sometimes I think we take our own language far too casually.

  • jenz

    iya Ven, bete bgt gw kemaren.. ngetiknya keriting, bacanya keriting… lagian nama kota kaya Boekit Tinggi seharusnya di eja dengan bener biar ngga malah bikin bingung orang.

  • chiquita

    sampe skr belum pernah ke sini dan belum ada ketertarikan buat ke sini
    mungkin nanti kalau sdh ada perbaikan di servis dan makanan ya ?

  • Jiewa

    Too bad kemaren pas ke Medan ga sempet icip2 kopi tiam.
    Btw.. kesannya sih homey banget, suka deh ^^ tapi sayang ya kalo food & servicenya kurang memuaskan..

  • melly

    I actually like the place. It is hard to find in that area, a quite place for hearty breakfast with colleague. I have little knowledge about kopi tiam, but I love the fact that they are using kopi aroma from Bandung and it serves me just perfect. It is very rare to drink good-but-not-overpriced coffee in this town. I don’t know how it feels to go there in the evening though.
    After Kopi Phoenam (Wahid Hasyim), this kopi tiam is one of my favourite for breakfast.

  • asti

    the coffee is great,the interior is great,i dont mind the text on the menu,i think it adds uniqueness to the place and i guess the owner just wanna do some branding with using old style the theme will be strongly felt..–i think of it as a reminder of our indonesian past culture 🙂

  • nita

    Jen, udah bolak balik ke jalan Sabang, kok gak pernah nemu kafe ini yah..dimana sih letak tepatnya?

  • sopjagung

    @nita: tahu kan Holland Bakery yang ada di ujung Jalan Sabang? Kopitiam Oey itu cuma beda beberapa ruko/rumah saja dari Holland Bakery.

  • nita

    @sopjagung, thanks yah infonya, jadi masih di jalan sabangnya itu.. ok deh weekend ini mo nyoba lagi ah…

  • Tkgmakan

    Bad choice for lunch/dinner. Average street foods in fully inflated price!

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