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November 3, 2010 | Bali

Kou Cuisine
After lunch, I walked back to pasar Ubud as my rented car was parked there. On my way back, still on Monkey forest road, I found a small and cute shop that I can’t resist not to walk in. The store is small, designed in white and minimalist style. They sell various jams and sea salts. I didn’t pay much attention to the salt variations as I was more interested with the jams that are displayed in the middle of the room as testers. There are mango, strawberry and banana, apple cinnamon, passionfruit and tangerine, pineapple and guava jams. A bottle costs about 35K. I bought the passionfruit and tangerine jam. It was delicious and great for spreading on a bread for breakfast.
Kou Cuisine

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One thought

  • Ita

    Dear Jen,

    I just find your blog by accident today.
    So exited to visit all the kafe/resto in Ubud area. Thanks Jen, have a great day 🙂

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