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August 16, 2012 | Closed, JAKARTA, Japanese & Korean Cuisine, Noodle, North Jakarta, With Pork


Still in Kelapa Gading area, since I’m a big fan of tonkotsu ramen, I was very keen to try a ramen place called Kyo-Dai Ramen. The place occupied a two stories shop house right across the street from La Piazza, the first floor is mainly for the cooking area, so we headed to the second floor. Nothing much to say about the interior, I just noticed that the table placement was a bit too tight/crowded due to the space shortage.


I was still a bit full, so we’re looking for something to share or order in smaller portion. Since in the menu stated that there are several choices of portion, we opt for the medium size, but unfortunately they said they only have one size noodle dish which is the large portion. I was surprised, they’re already opened for several months, yet they couldn’t provide the small/medium/large size, then why do they had to put in the menu? So we settled with Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen 45K to share, while my friends also ordered Spicy Hokkaido Miso 45K and Kyo Dai Gyoza 25K. To be honest, I couldn’t finish it. Maybe because I was still a bit full, but I think the broth is a bit too thick but lacking of flavor. The gyoza was only ok. I can’t see the point of returning here.

Jl. Kelapa Gading Boulevard Blok LA-4 No.8
Kelapa Gading Timur
North Jakarta 142240
ph/fx +62 21 450 0509

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  • leo

    This is something you can’t find in Medan yet.. no pork! How terrible it is!?

  • admin

    @Leo: maksudnya? di Medan ngga ada pork ramen?

  • ian

    Deket banget sama tempat nongkrong, tinggal nyeberang via jembatan lapiazza.

    Menu banyak yg belum ada.
    Akhirnya ya cuma coba ramennya aja hakata tonkoutsu.
    Rasanya mirip2 ikkousha, kuahnya kental banget, bikin eneq.

  • Dewi

    rasanya mang sudah berubah… saat awal baru buka sampai 5 bln lalu rasanya masih oukie… kuahnya masih kalah dr Ikkousha tp ramen n dagingny plus telurny lebih mantap…
    tapi sejak 5 bln lalu rasany mulai berubah… terakhir coba sudah tinggal asin doank…
    sedih sih… blon juga setaon umurny…
    used to be 1 of our fave ramen in town…
    btw… Leo… Ramen ini dgn ikkousha menyediakan baik menu halal maupun non halal…

  • Dee

    Kemaren lagi kepengen coba KyoDai eh udah tutup loh… Umurnya pendek banget ya… Akhirnya nyobain ramen Tabushi only a few doors down from KyoDai.

    Judging from the less than flattering reviews about KyoDai, i’m guessing poor management and quality control was the reason behind this short lived resto closing… Well untungnya si Tabushi Ramen cukup enak rasa kaldu n tekstur mie nya. Yang pasti much less heboh than Ikkousha or Nagi ramen in the Kelapa Gading area.

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