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November 18, 2010 | Bali, Balinese Cuisine, INDONESIAN CUISINE

From Cinta Grill, we walked down the Monkey Forest street to Laka Leke Hideaway restaurant (we preferred walking than going by car since the road was jammed at that time). From the map, we saw that Laka Leke is located just behind the Monkey Forest. When we arrived at Monkey Forest, we’re quite confused where else to go, so we asked a nice policeman there and he directed us to walk through a small road. The scenery is beautiful, but we have a feeling that only locals used this road. At last we arrived at the restaurant. It’s a big garden restaurant with a paddy field view.

Laka Leke Balinese Crispy Duck

We chose to sit at the back of the restaurant facing the paddy field. We only ordered one of their house specialties, which is The Famous Crispy Duck (half a duck boiled in Balinese spices and then deep fry for crispy finish, served with rice and sauteed vegetables) 75.5K. The taste was quite delicious, the duck is crispy, although their sambal matah is not hot/spicy at all. We haven’t tried Dirty Duck / Bebek Bengil before so we can’t compare it with that one. Aside from The Famous Crispy Duck, they also serve special orders for two people, such as Balinese Smoked Duck 250K and Indonesian Rijtafel 245K. PS: on our way back, we found out that it was much faster to walk through the Monkey Forest by paying 20K. 🙂

Laka Leke hideaway restaurant
Nyuh Kuning, Ubud.
ph. +62 361 977565

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  • V

    we found out that it was much faster to walk through the Monkey Forest by paying 20K.


  • admin

    iye, pas dateng tuh kita lewat jalan kecil yg mengitari si monkey forest, ternyata pas pulang ketauan jauh lebih cepet jalan nembus lewat monkey forestnya 🙂

  • dr. B

    jen, itu yg bebek bengil itu bukan seh??

  • admin

    Beda, kalo bebek bengil nama restonya ya ‘bebek bengil’ / ‘dirty duck’

  • Zee Cardin

    Gue pernah kesana, tempatnya romantis banget, dibelakang resto ada sawah yg hijau terhampar….. pokoknya bebeknya enak tempatnya top

  • finny

    Baru minggu lalu kesana, yup the place is very romantic, with beautiful paddy field scenery. In my opinion crispy duck nya oke, tapi masih lebih “gurih” Bebek bengil.
    But overall this resto is worth to visit lah…

  • tx

    For me, Laka Leke far more better than Bebek Bengil. The crispy duck is amazing. For taste, I can give Laka Leke 2 points ahead of Bebek Bengil. It is a must to drop by when visiting Ubud. Bebek Bengil now is too crowded. You can see cars and big buses occupying the parking lots.

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