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March 13, 2011 | Medan, Noodle, North Sumatra Cuisine

Now back to the Medan reviews (before I forgot about the details). On our 2nd day, we have several options for lunch. First, we went to Gandhi/Jose Rizal street to check out some soto, but it turned out that the one we’re after has just closed (they only sell soto from morning till noon). So I looked around and spotted a place that used to be one of my fav places for lunch back in my high schools days. It was Laksa Jose Rizal, so we went there and ordered a portion of Laksa. Medanese laksa is a bit different from Javanese Laksa. It uses fish and bunga kecombrang / honje in the soup, resulting in a sour and spicy taste. The noodle they used is thicker, a bit like udon. It was still as good as I remembered it, though the soup is a bit lighter than what we had at Laksa Jose Rizal in Muara Karang – Jakarta. But I preferred this one better. 🙂

Laksa Jose Rizal

Laksa Jose Rizal
Jl. Jose Rizal

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  • febee

    waaah di Jakarta juga ada toh cabang nya..pengeeenn rasainn….kapan yaa ke muara karangg niihhhh

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