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April 14, 2010 | Bogor, CUISINE, INDONESIAN CUISINE, Noodle, West Java Cuisine

Our first stop at Bogor usually is Koh Cu Ong’s honey roasted pork & smoked chicken. After that, we walked around the road, determined not to eat too full since we have a lunch invitation at our friend’s house later that day. We found this Laksa seller called Laksa Kp Cingcau that I remembered reading about in Kuliner series book by our Jalansutra friends. I decided to try it. It was very different with the laksa I used to have at Medan. The laksa consisted of rice noodle (bihun) topped with beansprouts, tofu, oncom (fermented cake made from soybean sediment). All the ingredients were cooked by pouring it with the hot soup and then draining it. This pour-drain process lasted for several times. The seller then topped the laksa with serundeng kelapa (relish of grated coconut and spices) and fried shallots. It was delicious, despite the rich texture of the meal, it was quite light, not as sweet or as savory as I thought. It suits my need for a light meal before lunch. 🙂
Laksa Mang Ocim Kampung Cingcau

Laksa Mang Ocim Kp Cingcau
(in front of SMP Kesatuan)
Jl. Ranggagading No. 1

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  • maryna roesdy

    hi Jen,
    kapan mobil gw konvoi-an sama elu boleh gak..hehe abisnya kalo ke Bogor gw taunya cuma mampir gohyong gang aut sama roti unyil venus aja..:)

  • jenz

    hahaha.. boleh boleh.. ini juga kita dipandu sama temen yg orang Bogor.. jadi bisa nyobain yg beda dari biasanya. Rute gw juga hampir selalu mampir ke Venus 🙂

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