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April 24, 2006 | INDONESIAN CUISINE, JAKARTA, North Jakarta, North Sumatra Cuisine

For those who missed Medanese food can always visit this place, it was the copy of the same Laksa Yoserizal from Jl. Yoserizal – Medan. Served various types of Medanese cuisine with its signature dish : Laksa Ikan big 17.5k – small 15K, Emie 12K, Gado-gado / Tahu Goreng 12K. This place also offer various type of cakes : Bika Ambon, Lapis Legit, etc.

Laksa Yoserizal

Laksa Medan Yoserizal
Jl. Muara Karang Blok A4 Utara No.73
North jakarta
Ph. 6613649 -6618347
Hp. 0815 811 9888

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  • flona

    kalo nyari itu duh lupa namanya lap choi di mane?

  • Jenz

    Flo, yang lo maksud dgn “lap choi” tuh sama ngga sama “he chi”. kalo itu sih blom pernah nemu di jkt.. adanya di pasar ramai, medan hehehe

  • Dewi

    Oh Emie, I miss it so much hiks..hiks…

  • emil

    categorize by rating pleeeeaaaseee… 😀 thanks…

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