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November 1, 2006 | Chinese Cuisine, JAKARTA, Noodle, North Jakarta

Several weeks ago I received an email from LING, she informed me about mie Hing Hwa located at sunter. From what I hear from SC, Hing Hwa is a dialect group that comes from Putian, China. So when we happen on the way to Sunter one day to visit our friends, I insisted to look for this restaurant. After a while we found this restaurant and went inside for lunch. We ordered Mie HingHwa (small) 20K and Kwe Tiau Hing Hwa (20K). the meal came in quite a big bowl full with handmade noodle with chicken, prawn, mushroom, vegetables and dried seaweed on top of the meal. Overall the meal was good although not too tasty. Thanks ya Ling for the recommendation.

Hing Hwa Noodle

Laris Manis
mie hing hwa, lomie and home made ice cream

Jl. Danau Sunter Utara Blok B 1B No.8
Sunter Agung
Ph. +62(21) 6508836 – 650 8858

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  • Kardi

    Wah, ini memang Mie kegemaranku. Yummy abis. Kok ga bahas homemade ice creamnya juga? Enak juga lho 😉

  • ling

    hi jen,
    thx yach udah bersedia menyempatkan waktu mencoba tempat ini. aku juga waktu itu baru pertama kali diajak sama temanku yang emang tinggal di daerah sunter sana. i agree that the taste itself is not too delicious, but i think it’s pretty worth trying coz it’s kinda unique. anyway, waiting for another yummy thing from u.. keep hunting, girl.. i’m always drolling reading ur site . hahaha

  • PeeKaBoo

    Dah pernah nyobain, terlalu manis ah mie gorengnya. Nga cocok di lidah :p Tapi handmade mienya emang enak.

  • Tommy

    Kelihatanya enak, besok minggu saya mau coba.

  • Andree Soesilo

    Tahun lalu saya pernah diajak sepupu saya makan di Pluit di restoran Pu Tien, restoran ini menyajikan makanan Hing Wa (mertua sepupu saya ini orang Hing Wa) enak banget tuh…. ngga seperti makanan chinese yang biasanya. deretan Eaton/Iton.
    Andree Soesilo

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