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July 22, 2009 | Beverages, Cakes, Bread & Dessert, Chinese Cuisine, JAKARTA, North Jakarta

Lately, kopi tiam (coffee shop) seems to have become a trend as new stores are opening left and right in the past few months. So we were curious about Lau’s Kopitiam which has just opened at Emporium Mall Pluit. They offer a number of light meals, such as cakwe 5K, lumpia goreng 10K, pangsit goreng 10K, telur rebus setengah matang 5K and also heartier menus like sandwiches, mie, kwetiaw & bihun, rice dishes. It was quite crowded when we arrived. Since we’ve just had lunch with SC’s parents, we only ordered regular kaya toast 12K with teh susu (milk tea) 10K. The kaya toast tasted delicious with old style thick bread and kaya/srikaya jam (made from coconut milk, egg and caramelized sugar). The milk tea was good too, although I suspected that they were using Lipton milk tea. 🙂

Lau's Kopi Tiam

Lau’s Kopitiam
Emporium Pluit Mall – Level 4-07, Pluit
Benton Junction 38 #26, Lippo Karawaci, p. 546 8770
Boulevard Raya, Moscow Square A-7, Gading Serpong. p. 3243 7027 / 5421 1383

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  • V

    Iya yah.. kenapa semua org berlomba2 bikin kopitiam? Menurut lo kalo gue buka cafe, enaknya buka model apaan yah? 😀

  • jenz

    @V: bikin cafe jualan pasta homemade yang nyatu ama library/bookshops aja, plus ada open kitchen di tengah2 ruangan buat bikin kursus masak 🙂

  • V

    Gila.. ide lo keren banget! :)) Jadi pengen….

  • Phiko

    This is the best one so far, a lot of kopitiams show up lately in Jakarta, but for me this is the first and the best

  • D Laraswati H

    Sandwich tuna nya jg enak di Lau Kopi Tiam…Roti Tawarnya bikin sndiri atau gimana ya? Tebel dan enak…hm apalagi ya, nasi sapi lada hitam jg enak….

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